WIN a BlackBerry Q5 OR a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 #TelusBack2School

As the summer is coming to a close many of us are scrambling to prepare our children for their upcoming school year. I’m pleased to announce that I have partnered with This Lil Piglet, Mommy Matter and Life on Manitoulin to offer you all an amazing Back To School giveaway with Telus! The #TelusBack2School event will be one everyone in Canada should enter, the prizes are amazing.

Telus has kindly given us 2 devices to giveaway, this means that one person will win a BlackBerry Q5 and another will win the Samsung Galaxy Note 8!



BlackBerry Q5

blackberry_q5Know a teen begging for a smartphone? Win some serious back-to-school shopping points with the BlackBerry Q5 from TELUS – it’s the perfect device for youth/teens looking for their first smartphone. Similar in functionality to the BlackBerry Curve 9320, but with the power of the new BlackBerry 10 platform, the BlackBerry Q5 will provide all of the features that BlackBerry fans know and love, at a price point and intricacy level that makes sense for a ‘starter device’. Here are some of the most unique BlackBerry Q5 features to get excited about:

  • BlackBerry Instant Action lets you find anything on your BlackBerry right from the home screen, in an instant.
  • BlackBerry Pictures Editor allows your inner artist to shine with tons of design and crop features and 16 photo filters to choose from like Lomo, Sepia and Watercolour.
  • Time Shift mode and Story Maker – the perfect pair, Time Shift captures the perfect moment in every picture, while Story Maker weaves the photos together in a few simple swipes, complete with music and titles.
  • BlackBerry® Tag (NFC) makes it easy to add friends to BBM, share photos, connect to an NFC-enabled accessory and discover hundreds of apps.

Learn more about the BlackBerry Q5 from TELUS, available for just $49 on a two-year term.



Samsung GALAXY Note 8.0 4G LTE

samsung_galaxy_note_8Highly-portable, super smart and great for keeping track of to-dos, college class itineraries and everything else to keep you organized and connected for back-to-school season, the LTE-enabled Samsung GALAXY Note 8.0 is now available at TELUS with Easy Tablet interest-free financing options. This hot new tablet represents the evolution of the popular Note series with advanced features that include:

  • S Pen – The perfect tool for jotting down notes in class, personalizing emails, creating works of art or just doodling (after all, they say doodling makes you smarter!).
  • Air View – S Pen can help you preview content without actually opening documents.
  • Peel Smart Remote – Manage your TV, cable, satellite, DVD player and Blu-ray
    while on-the-go, thanks to this universal remote that is compatible with any TV.
  • AllShare Play – Share your favourite videos, photos and music across your connected devices while viewing content from anywhere.

Learn more about the Samsung GALAXY Note 8.0 from TELUS, available for $579.

TELUS Easy Tablet Program 

TELUS’ new Easy Tablet program is just one of the many ways that TELUS can help keep student’s bills in check, and will give parents peace of mind! With TELUS Easy Tablet, customers can purchase a brand new tablet from any TELUS store across the country at a low upfront cost, paying off the remaining balance over a set term in equal monthly payments (over a one or two-year term, completely interest free).  For example, you can get your hands on the new Samsung GALAXY Note 8.0 at TELUS for a cool $99 upfront + $20/month over two years, or $339 up-front + $20/month for one year. Thanks to these financing options, TELUS customers will get unmatched flexibility to purchase the hottest tablets for back-to-school!

Learn more about TELUS’ Easy Tablet program.

TELUS SharePlus 

Moving a plane or train-ride away from home for school? The TELUS SharePlus plan includes unlimited nationwide talk and text so you can talk to your family and friends all over the country without worrying about overages or long distance charges. But what will make Mom and Dad really happy is this plan’s data sharing ability: with TELUS SharePlus, you can share data across multiple devices and people within the same household – so you can share with your favourite student (and keep track of their usage, too). Best of all, smartphones and tablets can be added without having to increase data – they just share data from the same bucket and everyone in the household will get full value of the data that was purchased.  So the more devices you add, the bigger the savings.

TELUS SharePlus is all about simplicity, choice and value with less commitment. Here’s how the plan works:

  • Step 1: Pick Your Device – Either purchase a device outright or bring your own device and get unlimited nationwide talk and text for just $35 a month. A device in the Smartphone Lite category on a two-year term which includes mid-tier devices (such as the Samsung Ace II X), is a $45 entry point and then up to $55 for high-end devices in the Smartphone category like the Samsung GALAXY S4 or BlackBerry Q10.
  • Step 2: Pick Your Data Package – With data sharing, the primary account holder adds the desired bucket of data to their plan and additional devices or people on the same account can simply share data with the primary account holder.

Learn more about TELUS SharePlus.


Entry is simple, just fill in the Rafflecopter form below. This giveaway runs until September 24th, the winners will be notified via email and have 48 hours to respond. Giveaway open to Canadian residents 18+.

Good luck!!

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135 Responses

  1. I hope to win the Note for me because i would love it to be more organized. In addition, it would be a nice upgrade from my current phone.

  2. Trying to run a van-based business using a desktop and a flip phone can be challenging, I would love to win the Q5 for me, I’ve never had a smart phone ;-)

  3. I’m going to be selfish for a moment here and say that should I win, I’ll keep the spoils for myself! :)

  4. I would love to win! My son is getting to the age where he has more projects, and it would be wonderful for everyone to have something to use !

  5. I would really LOVE to win this prize for my 11-year old daughter. We don’t have a home phone and sometimes when I have to run a quick errand she chooses to stay home and I would love the peace of mind knowing she has a way to call me (because I leave my phone with her) in case of an emergency. Also she and her 8 year old sister walk to school together alone which was hard enough for me to allow them to do (gotta cut the cord my mommy friends say) and winning this would also give me that peace of mind when they are 5 minutes later than they normally arrive home I can like a crazed overbearing mom call her saying (in my best mom like voice) “WHERE ARE YOU” hahaha!

    Thanks for this great contest! xo

  6. I would love to win this for my mother. My kiddos don’t set to see her very much and the galaxy note would be great for her so they could talk and see each other more often. Great way or them to stay connected, and to warm a gramma’s heart!….

  7. Hoping to win this for my daughter who is off to college in Janaury, she is going to be a flight attendant <3

  8. I would love to win this prize for my husband, he needs a new phone, his screen is cracked and it’s a matter of time before it dies

  9. i want to win this for me, i have been using hubbies hand me down phones for 10 years. i would like osmething new

  10. I would love to win this prize for my husband. He’s a geeky tech lover, but we can’t always afford to buy things that really interests him.

  11. This would be a Welcome Win. I am dealing with a very old phone whose Battery dies after an Hour! of charging Yikes! Thanks for the opportunity

  12. Would love to win this for my daughter, she is no teenager, but I’m tired of looking thru broken glass on her phone to see a picture!

  13. I would give this to my Mum…she needs a new phone with an easier keypad for texting. Thank you for the contest, Julie!

  14. I entered your giveaway.
    In response to your question of Who are you hoping to win this prize for?
    I am hoping to win The Samsung GALAXY Note 8.0 4G LTE for myself.
    Thank you for having this great giveaway!!!!!!!!!

  15. For myself…my husband is having bilateral knee replacements in December and I’d love to have this to fill in the time while he’s recovering and doing physical therapy.

  16. My mom because I’m the student & I feel like she has spoiled me and I want to give her something but she always refuses to let me buy her anything because I’m in college and need to save my money.

  17. Hmmm….I would have to think about who it would be for…..done thinking….me!! :) The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 would help keep me on track and organized.

  18. I’m hoping to win for my husband who is stuck in iPhone 3 land or step daughter who just moved in with us. They would be so surprised! Thanks for the chance!

  19. This awesome Samsung GALAXY Note 8.0 4G LTE would be gifted to my daughter who would put it to good use. It’s it s beyond the budget item for us now! Thank you for the contest!


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