Sober Julie Named 1 of the Best 15 Alcoholism Health Blogs!

As a blogger there are times when I’ve felt snowed under by my blog, unsure wether or not I’m taking it in the right direction…and frankly just tired of it. That may sound horrible but it’s the truth, one which I think any blogger would commiserate with. Sober Julie can be taxing at times….but somehow I’ve fallen so deeply in love with it and you all I continue.

Blogging takes an enormous amount of thought and effort at times, certainly it became this way for me once I decided to include brands/reviews and giveaways. I’ve often wondered if I’d made the right decision in moving Sober Julie away into the mainstream. I’ve wondered if my message about doing life Straight Up! was getting lost.

There are those who feel that a blog about sobriety should only about about that topic, those who feel that I am muddying the waters by offering other topics. To those I tip my hat as I respect their standpoint but I happen to disagree.

There is life in sobriety, one which is so joyous I feel pulled by God to share it with the world!

Yesterday this feeling of mine was cemented when I was notified that SoberJulie has been included in Health Line’s 15 Best Alcoholism Health Blogs of 2013!!

 Best Alcoholism Health Blogs

I was actually at Santa’s Village with my family enjoying a relaxing day surrounding by all things Christmas (my FAV holiday) when I was notified. As I read the email I felt a calm sense of gratitude coming over me. I sat down on a bench and said a wee prayer to God.

I thanked God for taking my life and doing something worthwhile with it. This isn’t where I would have mapped my life to head to but oh how grateful I am today!

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  1. Congratulations! It can be difficult to know whether we are doing the right thing or not, but I think you have a fabulous blog and so happy you were named in the top 15! You just keep going where you feel you are being led… and again, congrats!

  2. Amazing!! Biggest congratulations, Julie! What an honour, I’m not surprised though, you do such a great job with your site. Best of luck and keep up the good work, I know what it’s like to have moments where I question blogging!

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