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I like to think of myself as a digitally connected woman; I prefer my communication via email, keep up with friends and family online but there is one area which I’ve neglected: mail. We are still receiving most communications via snail mail which has become a pain in the backside because I spend much of the summer at our trailer and often miss out on mail. Apparently there is an answer for folks like me, ePost Digital Mailbox from Canada Post!



When I was asked to check out ePost Digital Mailbox from Canada Post my hopes were tentaively high, imagine one login, one password to manage all of our bills!

ePost #shop

ePost is SECURE

If you’re like me you’re very concerned with online security these days. All too often we hear of horror stories and frankly I’m unwilling to take a chance.  ePost is offered by Canada Post who is committed to ensuring your data is kept securely. ePost is the only company integrated into the online banking websites of all 6 major banks, now if they can trust them why can’t I?

All data resides in Canada. No data is replicated across the border or subject to foreign privacy laws.

In the event of a disaster such as an earthquake or flood, ePost is prepared with safety measures for stored data. They use Bank-grade security in their level 3 data centres, have disaster-recovery replication and off-site backups and have multiple redundant independent power supplies.

The Process

Setting up accounts online can feel like a hassle but honestly it wasn’t with ePost. I went to the site and created an account, this was your usual step-by-step process which took just a few minutes. Once I’d logged in I saw a welcome letter in my mailbox, it directed me over to set up my bills but there was also notification of a contest where I could win $1000!

ePost 1000 #shop


ePost Digital Mailbox From Canada Post Makes It Simple

Step 1 is to add in your “Mailers” which includes over 100 partners across Canada who mail out statements and bills to their customers.

Remember to get your statements together in order to have all of your account numbers on hand when you’re setting this up.

ePost Mailer #shop

The first account I set up was my Telus mobility account, it was simple to find in the list of 100 partners. I chose it from the list, hit next and was directed to a screen which told me I would be directed to the Telus site to confirm this mailer.

ePost Telus #shopOnce on the Telus site I logged into my account and it asked me for permissions and there was an agreement to confirm which stated I would no longer receive paper bills. Once I’d clicked I agree I was brought back to the ePost site where I saw confirmation of my account being added.

epost telus confirmation #shop

Now my Telus account immediately showed up in my Mailer list with the status set to “Approved”.

As I continued in the process of adding in my bills it quickly became apparent that I would be unable to enter them all. Some of the accounts just aren’t on the list of approved partners yet, for example: my town’s property taxes, CAA and the banking institution which are mortgage is with. I hope these will be added in future because it would make our lives even easier.


Canada Post’s ePost website includes more than this, click on the “Services” icon and you’ll see the different options. They provide contact information for Federal and Provincial government services,  current postal rates, postal code locator and more.

Check out my Google + album where I share even more images to show you how it works!

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  1. This is interesting and might eliminate all the dumb conversations I tend to have with Rogers about my stupid paperless bills. They charge for paper bills so I tell them No Way am I paying for my bill because it’s me giving you money, remember? So then they vow to send by email and never do, so I am at end of month guessing what my bill is or getting a nasty call in the day time about why didn’t you pay your bill. No more psychic bill reading? Deal me in. I am totally signing up for this at least to give it a try.

  2. How awesome is this! EPost from Canada Post, sounds great. I’m definitely taking a look after I leave here. I love how simple and easy it seems and that it has most of the majority Canadian companies listed!

  3. Now this is so clever! I really dislike getting a ton of useless mail and things like bills which kind of stink! This sounds like an awesome way to manage it all virtually! Doesn’t get much better than that!

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