Gardening DIY Project – Covering an Eyesore

With Spring has come one of my most cherished hobbies; gardening. I hadn’t realized how much I enjoy time in my garden until the very first summer after the car accident when my pain interfered. That summer I was so overwhelmed that I didn’t make enough effort to figure out how I could garden around my disabilities, instead I sat glumly watching my husband doing his best to pull weeds while my gorgeous plants called to me.

As time has gone by I’ve become stronger within myself. I’m learning to perform tasks in different manners, allowing myself to do some of the activities I used to enjoy and accept that I cannot do them as I had in the past. This is a long process which at times is depressing but when it came to gardening it has been worth it.

I CAN Garden

I think the course of acceptance began around April of 2011 when I wrote “Memories Which Live ON“. By writing this post I found my love for gardening again. I was reminded of that feeling of the soil and the gratification when I see my ideas come to life in a vibrant garden. My Grandfather’s love of gardening was stirring within me.

In June of 2011 I wrote “Plant A Seed And It Will Flourish” in response to my own inner musings around my life. Within this kindergarten project of a bean plant I found God’s love for me and others. Once again I was startled at the beauty which comes from a bit of soil, a seed and some tender caring.

These are just a few examples of how time and changing my thought process have allowed me to begin to feel the love of something I thought was gone. My inner dialogue once told me that I couldn’t garden anymore; how could I if I couldn’t bend and reach as I once had?

Thankfully my thought process has changed (with a ton of work) and I now realize that I can sit on a stool, use a planting bench and actually ask for HELP with the heavy lifting. My actual process for gardening isn’t what it once was but oh how I do love puttering around in my little yard.

Change Is Beautiful

As my life has slowed and changed the grief over past practices and sources of enjoyment is being replaced by appreciation of what I can actually participate in. These days I feel a sense of calm in my soul as I place my hands in the soil. No longer am I racing to pull the weeds, dig the symmetrical edges….these days my eyes roll over the imperfections, noticing the beauty within. With the change I’ve become more able to spot the beauty.

All of this means you’ll all be seeing my gardening activities online, if you follow me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts you’ve already had the pleasure of watching my planning. Planning is a very long process for me….so be aware that you’ll see me beginning a project and have to wait a long time to see the result! Hate to leave folks hanging but life in this lane is the epitome of the SLOW lane.

Our 1st Gardening DIY Project of the Year

When we moved into our home we had a rusting basketball net out front that the previous owners had cemented in. It was horrific to look at but SOLID, I swear they dug half way to China to secure the cement.

We cut the long post of the basketball net off but couldn’t possibly leave it looking like this, so we planted a cute little pot around it which worked well for 8 years.

This Spring it was obvious that our little project had reached the end of its life and it was time to fix it up again.

Garden eyesore

We began by removing all of the pot pieces and did our best to save the good soil in the wheelbarrow. Ah yes, there is the ugly post I remember.

For this project we went and got a new whiskey barrel (use whatever post you want), some potting soil and some pretty plants.

Garden DIY Collage

There it is, our first garden project of the year done in little time and I’m sure our neighbours are thanking us inwardly. I’m thankful my husband is willing to do all of the physical work while I get to enjoy the planning and actual planting!

Do you have a gardening question or dilemma?




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12 Responses

  1. There’s a great connection when you work the soil yourself and make something barren into something beautiful. My dad enjoyed it, and I find that I have learned to also – and projects like yours epitomize the triumph – encounter a hurdle, devise a plan, and conquer!

    I wish I could elevate my gardens – any appreciable rain will flood them both. Any suggestions?

    I hope you keep a garden journal.

  2. My thumbs are white – covered with flour. If they ever look green it’s because I’ve been in food coloring. My handsome husband is the one who keeps green (or green-ish) things alive in our home. Plants run away screaming in fright like Mandrakes when I come near them. So nice to enjoy other people’s gardens.

  3. How beautiful – even if you didn’t have the “eyesore” to cover up. My gardening challenge? I only have a balcony with morning sun so I don’t know which annuals to use.

  4. That’s very clever! The outcome was gorgeous and it was the right thing to do because the pole “eye sore” might cause accident on your yard.

  5. You did a great job of covering up that eyesore and removing a danger at the same time. You are smart to concentrate on what can be done and not worry over the can’t.

  6. Excellent idea Julie, kids want to start doing gardening and the idea about the pipe is great

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