Miss Cocoa Isn’t Just Any Dog, She Deserves to be Pampered #Cbias

In an effort to celebrate Miss Cocoa Bean’s birthday I wanted to pick her up some special gifts to pamper her. My husband and the girls had kindly baked her a cake which she enjoyed (all over my house…) but I wanted to do something a bit special.

miss coco new year

What could a girl want on her birthday but gifts? Perhaps something to wear, some delicious treats or a toy perhaps? I knew one place that would have them all…why Target of course! I knew that Target had just opened stores in Canada and this would be the perfect opportunity to check it out.

I looked at the Target Canada website and found a store in Milton, Ontario which was open. As any good mother would do I arranged a babysitter, grabbed Hubby and we hit the road to enjoy some quiet time together.


Now, we’ve shopped at Target in the States but somehow it had escaped me that there was a Starbucks within the store!!!

Target Starbucks

Suddenly our little shopping trip for Miss Cocoa Bean felt more like a date as we grabbed a cup of java and began strolling leisurely to explore the store.

The store was bright, clean and full of so many items which caught my eye. We weren’t there to shop for me…..as my loving husband reminded me often. I was impressed with the overall pricing, the variety of choices and really enjoyed browsing for Miss Cocoa Bean in the pet section.


 Target dog bones

 Target dog collars

The selection for pets is vast, we took our time and looked at everything, finally choosing the PERFECT gifts for our girl. Boots & Barkley is a brand which I’d suggest checking out if you’re a dog owner, its quality seems good and the prices are reasonable. There was something for any size of dog!

While we were looking a member of Target’s staff came by and very politely asked if we needed assistance. We didn’t but it was a nice change from most big stores where staff members can be difficult to find.


 Target Ladies

 Target outdoors

We could have spent hours looking around and shopping but our time was up, we had to get back to surprise Miss Cocoa Bean with her Birthday treats.

We decided upon a new leash, a new collar, some delicious bones and a fun Angry Birds frisbee (which I think my daughters and husband loved even more than Cocoa).

Target Treats

Once Sydney had put the new collar on Cocoa she presented her with a new bone. It was quite a strange site to see our super-energetic dog sit so still just staring at that bone until she was given permission to gently take it.

Target give a dog a bone

give a dog a bone

The family had a wonderful time playing and enjoying Cocoa’s birthday celebration. Both my husband and I were impressed with Target and its selection of treats for Cocoa although I suspect I will be returning soon to shop for myself!!

If you’d like to see more of our shopping trip, I’ve posted photos over on my Google + Album.

How do you celebrate your pets birthdays?

Disclosure: I am a member of the Collective Bias®  Social Fabric® Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias®  #cbias #SocialFabric”

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14 Responses

  1. Oh my gosh so cute! I haven’t paid much attention to the pet section at Target, but I really need to. We just celebrated our cat’s birthday on Monday. The kids made him a birthday hat and I fed him a packet of wild salmon for his birthday dinner. He enjoyed every minute of it…even the hat!

  2. Happy Birthday Miss Cocoa! What a sweetie. We don’t do much for the poor cats on their birthdays, but we used to order Swiss Chalet on our late doggie’s bday because it was his favourite :)

  3. I tried to comment on another page but must have kept hitting the wrong button and kept bringing me to this posting so I will comment on this one. Target is a favorite store for so many of us. We do get stuff for the dogs on Christmas and such but hardly ever the cats. We got 2 cats now so we just buy extra special treats for them. Cute Miss Cocoa : )

  4. I’m not sure if there’s an established precedent on doing dog birthdays “right,” but if there was, I’m pretty sure this would exceed most of its wildest expectations. Thanks for sharing a cool slice of Miss Cocoa’s life.

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