Am I the Only One Who’s Close to Overwhelmed With Christmas?

I’m sooo busy, yes I’m REALLY busy… a bee…..and not in a good way.

Ok I qualify as one of those people lately; those people who are on the edge of being overwhelmed with the month of December. I’m not quite there yet, I’m keeping it together but have to admit there suddenly seems like a lot to do.

What’s a girl to do when she’s feeling like life’s gotten too busy?

Well slow it down of course and blog about it….you wouldn’t expect less would you?maxine Christmas

Christmas itself isn’t worrying me, we’ve taken the easy road this year by taking a family trip to Walt Disney World.

The CAA Magical Planner took care of all of our celebrations while we’re there so I don’t have any planning for our Disney experience but let’s have a look at my upcoming week.

This week is my little one’s 7th birthday, we’ve always sworn that we won’t overlook our girls birthdays because they’re so close to Christmas. We’re having a wee celebration with some long time friends here at the house so I’ll be planning for that.

I’ll also be preparing for our fantastic friend and her family to come and house sit for us. I think I may write a post for this one as I do it; I’ve learned when asking someone to house sit it’s my job to cover all the bases so they can enjoy the time spent at our home.

Packing, ah yes the endless packing for a holiday.

While I bow to my husband’s ability to toss some clothes into a backpack and roll I’m not built this way. Packing includes lists, hard core weather research and inevitably my husband taking out half of the clothes I put into the cases.

Somewhere in this week I’ll have to get Christmas gifts! While we’re doing our shopping for the family while away there are still some gifts to pick up for folks here……sigh the joys of Christmas crowds….elbows out ladies!

OH and have I mentioned that our 2nd daughter’s birthday is on December 31st? Yeah….apparently I wasn’t a great planner in the past. NYE will see us celebrating Sydney’s birthday is true style by donning our fancy gear and sipping Mocktails at midnight.

During this busy season I’m all about lists, keeping track of what we have accomplished is essential and I’m determined to stay on top of things!!!

How are you coping with the Christmas rush? Do you have tips I could use?


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