WWE Divas Is Smart, Beautiful & Powerful Getting Lost In Sexy Image? #WWEMoms

As a proud member of the #WWEMoms panel I’ve been asked to speak about the WWE Divas and my take on these Superstars. This is a request that made me squirm a bit, as a Mom of two daughters who love the WWE I support their efforts at establishing Superstars who make positive role models and charitable efforts throughout North America….but this topic isn’t as clear cut as when I look at the male Superstars.

The WWE Divas is the term used to refer to females involved in the WWE, from managers, referees, limo drivers and Superstars all of the ladies are Divas. Way back in 2008 the WWE created the Divas Championship, the inaugural champion was Michelle McCool, who defeated Natalya at The Great American Bash on July 20, 2008.

Touted as the smart, beautiful and powerful women of the WWE, the Divas image should proceed them, but is it getting lost in the mass of wind-blown hair, saucy stares and scantily clad photos?

Photo: WWE Diva Focus June 30, 2012
Photo: WWE Diva Focus June 30, 2012







Believe me when I say I’ve chosen the least risqué photos I came across to prove my point.

These women are each Superstars in their own right, actively involved in WWE’s community efforts. They promote anti-bullying, girl power and work hard to become the best at their craft. Sounds like they’d be the perfect role model for young girls doesn’t it?

They truly are if we only look at what they do…..but well what they wear and how they post in photos will surely change some people’s opinions.

Photo: WWE Diva focus May 19, 2012

There’s no getting around it, the WWE Divas costumes and attire is designed to show off their bodies in a very provocative manner. All it takes is for someone to head to Google and the results speak for themselves, these Divas are being recognized for their looks and sexy poses rather than their accomplishments.

Personally I do think these women are to be admired, they’ve worked very hard to get where they are. These ARE smart, beautiful and powerful women and it dismays me to see how washed down this side of their image has become. Realizing that sex sells and the WWE audience is a vast array of demographics it’s a difficult balance to strike but this is no excuse for the images which are inappropriate for the younger audiences.

If the WWE hopes to have Moms of young girls and boys on board they really need to work on the image of the Divas, bring more focus upon their works of charity, their amazing community efforts and the physical fitness each of the women are in.

I’m not suggesting that these women need to cover up, but it would be nice if they weren’t being sold as sexual images. If only we could see more images such as these, ones that portray that strength we women admire.

Photo: WWE Diva Focus Aug. 4, 2012
Photo: WWE Diva Focus Aug 4, 2012








What do you think, is the message promoting smart, beautiful and powerful women lost in all this sex appeal?

Join us tomorrow to chat about it at the #WWE Moms Twitter party…..I have a feeling this will be a lively conversation!

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What : Twitter Party with #WWEmoms hashtag – The WWEmoms host a time to be THANKFUL Twitter Party with GREAT PRIZES!  We’re talking DIVA!

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When: November 19th at 1pm ET

Why: The DIVAS & The WWE, Social Good, Wrestlemania and more!


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