Sammy Gs Personalized Gifts – A Great Christmas Gift

I am a pyjama lover, the minute I walk in my front door I race to change into something super comfy and usually not so attractive. This has led to quite a few raised eyebrows when unexpected visitors stop by but I’m all about comfort first.

In October I attended the ShesConnected Conference and my fabulous roommate @ChancesMommy and I decided to host a #TOTweetUp the night before the actual conference. @ChancesMommy is truly a brilliant woman and proved it once again when she thought to contact @SammyG to see if she could bring some of her unique, personalized gifts to show the bloggers who were coming.

Sammy joined us and I was so pleased with the super-comfy, uber cute SAMJAMS which she brought me.


Sammy Gs is an independently owned company who specializes in unique, personalized, quality products. Sammy herself is a high-energy, passionate woman who is determined to ensure each of her customers receives the attention they deserve. Sammy Gs carries a wide variety of products for babies, children, adults and even pets.

Unfortunately my photos from the #TOTweetUp were lost with my recent computer virus but my friends managed to give me some shots of the evening.


@ChancesMommy & I being goofy in our SAMJAMS thanks to for the photo


This is the lovely personalized pillow case Sammy Gs made for us, we had visitors to our room sign it.

SAMJAMS-pj@ThisLilPiglet and I hanging out before attending an evening event…yes I wore my SAMJAMS everywhere.

With Christmas coming I decided to tell you all about my three favourite Sammy Gs products, not only so you can create your own list but perhaps someone will be in the mood to send one to me…..just saying….

sammygs blanketSammy Gs Mohair Throw

This blanket is hands down gorgeous! It’s luxurious, high-quality and a family keepsake for years to come.

“Classic comfort to bring out the best in your home decor! Fringes add definition and text adds the thoughtfulness of this client, wedding, engagement, housewarming, special birthday, thank you gift!
Measures approximately 70″ x 53″



Youth Hooded Robe

Snip20121116 2Sammy brought a few of these little robes which are not only cute but built to last. They are made of high quality material, very light and actually machine washable! My girls would love these personalized robes.

“Whether your child is attending or having their own Spa Party our Personalized Hooded Waffle Robe is the perfect gift!  Get together with a friend and give the birthday girl a gift to remember her chic day with girlfriends.  

Typically fit sizes 7-11. Available in white only.

Price includes 1 name across the back or 2-3 initials on left chest”




SAMJAMS ShortsSnip20121116 4

After falling in love with my SAMJAMS now I would like a pair of the SAMJAMS shorts to wear on warmer nights. They’re made of a lovely, soft flannel which is comfy and cozy.





The days are counting down friends, Christmas is coming and if you’ve got someone special on your list you really should check out what’s available on Sammy Gs. You can be certain of great quality, unique products from a lovely woman whose attention to detail will make your shopping experience pleasurable.





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  1. Ohhhhhhh! I LOVE this post!!! Makes me miss you ladies so much though!!! Please tell me we don’t have to wait another year to meet up again! These once a year meetings just don’t cut it! At least there’s the phone, FB, and Twitter though!
    Love the new look of your blog, lady! Hugs!xo

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