CypherKidsClub Interactive i3D Cards Review

Nowadays the games children play are different than when I was a girl. Our girls do love simple games like pick up sticks but they also adore anything technology based.

CyperKidsClub has new i3D Interactive Cards which are AMAZING. I’ve never seen anything quite like this, it brings games to life right in front of your eyes. I was given the opportunity to review these interactive flash style cards but didn’t really grasp what they were until we received them.IMG 45461

We received 3 sets of cards, Letters, Numbers and Wild Animal Adventures. They are suitable for children 3 and up and require you to download free Apps which you use on iPad 2 or 3 or iPhone 4 or above.

Once I had downloaded the apps (which you can do by searching on the AppStore or by scanning a UPC on the box) we read the directions for Wild Animal Adventures and were on our way to learn.IMG 45471

There are 18 cards with different wild animals on each, from monkeys to lions there was a decent variety. Each card has a picture of the animal on the front and a code in side of a square which your camera reads on the back. We flipped over the card so the back was facing up and opened the app. Once the app is opened we chose the corresponding animal and pointed the iPad approximately 12 inches from the card.

What appeared was fantastic. We had chosen the monkey card first and there he was, standing on a branch on our coffee table. By tilting the iPad while keeping the square within the camera reach we could see different angles of the scene.

IMG 4549120121102 2006301










I had been concerned that my 8 year old would be too old for these flash cards but she was enamored right away.

There is also a woman’s voice which comes on and recites animal facts in an animated voice. At the end of the description there is an opportunity for the children to interact, the woman tells the kids to touch the screen to make the animal to repeat a move.

I would advise that parents be available while the children are first learning to use the cards because you must keep the square on the back of the cards in full view. My girls repeatedly held too close or moved around too quickly which frustrated them until they got the hang of it.

These would make a great Christmas gift for the children on your list!

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