Do your foundations have cracks?

A strong foundation is essential.

This is true of basically any aspect of life.

The fact that you can build a strong foundation without being aware of it had escaped me.

I am currently working on my testimony for my Baptism on March 27th – WHOOOOO, how great is God huh? – First draft looked good so I gave it to my friend Chris to review for me and he complimented me on my structure or writing. Basically he was saying I draw through out my testimony, giving examples and summing them up at the end with meaning. Now Chris is our Worship Pastor so this is high praise to me.

Take a minute, let that sink in……I’m a good writer….basking for a second, I do tend to do that.

Today I was at an amazing event at our Church for kiddies, there were over 200 parents and kids enjoying the day playing, jumping in castles, bowling, watching movies and generally having a BLAST.

While there I had the chance to connect with a number of wonderful people and one of them was my friend Marc who mentioned he’s reading my blog and enjoyed my writing style, the way I make a statement and follow it up with examples in my life and draw conclusions.

Again basking.

In grade 8 I had a teacher whose favorite subject to teach was English and she was a very effective teacher. In her class I learned about making a Thesis, developing the supporting content and concluding in a manner which hopefully would sway the reader.

Until these conversations I hadn’t thought of this lesson, the foundation to my writing style had been laid without my being aware.

Thank God the foundation of my marriage was well laid!
This is me as a blond ;)

Hubby and I have weathered some storms in the past, not least of which is my alcoholism but this year of sobriety and fall out of my accident injuries have really been our largest challenge to date.
At times I’m a shell of who I was and in a marriage it must be frightening for your usually strong, capable, type A partner to be missing. 
The load my Hubby has carried would have broken many a marriage.

Today we are connected in our spiritual path, serving God together. We are best friends, motivating one another, able to laugh together, to bicker, to get angry with each other, to comfort each other.
Our foundation hasn’t buckled.
There have been cracks, but they’re the normal cracks which can be repaired with effort and the commitment we have for one another.

As we like to say we’re Lifers.

I don’t blog deeply here about hubby, well I haven’t yet….I don’t know why but perhaps it’s because my gratitude is so raw, fresh when it comes to him. I love my Hubby more than life itself. He is my foundation, the one person who has always understood me ….annoyingly He often gets me before I do.

That’s seriously irritating.
My marriage is thing I work hardest at, the one foundation I spackle away at regularly.
When the kitchen is a mess, His socks are lying about or some other offence has taken place I am inclined to take all of my frustrations out on Hubby.
Instead I TRY to remember who this person is…..the GREATEST gift God gave me.

How much time as a society do we put into strengthening our foundation of marriage?
Are our lives too busy?

Hebrews 10:24-25
 And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds, not giving up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but encouraging one another—and all the more as you see the Day approaching

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4 Responses

  1. You are an AMAZING writer. Do you do any creative writing blogs? Like Red Writing Hood? Someone else just showed that to me and I did one entry…fun. I am a good writer…but not an amazing writer. I hope you give something like that a try because you truly are gifted. I love how stable your life is at this point. What a gift to give yourself and your children. I really appreciate your honesty. There aren't many 'real" people in the world who are willing to lay it all out there. Thank YOU.

  2. Beautiful blog, beautiful picture. Beth Moore says, "The spirit can be calm in chaos as long as the foundation is strong". Sounds like your foundation in God and marriage is just that. Thank you for being such a great example for me. It must be the week for writers, on Monday I was asked to join a writing group through a professor at our UW college. She just started a small group of writer's and asked me to be a part. I think you have loads of talent. You are frank with your comments and make people laugh and at times be reflective, so YOU GO GIRL!!!!!

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