Back To School Kids, Mommy’s DONE

With the end of summer many of us are wiping tears away…..certainly some of us here who have months of cold weather which will sneak up upon us quickly. In each magazine I see there are headlines screaming at me, instructing me how to get the best value for my dollar while school shopping, get organized, establish a routine….oh so many things I have to look forward to over the next few weeks as we transition into the dreaded back-to-school routine.

back to school

I am miserable at the thought of not having my two glorious daughters by my side, constantly asking or NEEDING something….my attention….anything to ease this boredom which seemed to set in one hour after school let out for the summer. I cannot imagine what it will be like to hear the ringing silence as the girls once again settle into their little desks and I pine away here at home for them.

Cue some jazz….lower lights….pour a tasty mocktail and don your blingiest pjs ladies because Mothers everywhere are holding secret pre-school celebrations late in the nights as we label all the new school gear.

Yes my friends it’s true, I’m one of those Moms!!


As the chaos which is our household rages around me, I’m internally picturing what routine will feel like. The summer has been wonderful overall, many amazing memories were made but let’s get real for a minute folks…….there’s nothing like a successful BEDTIME to make a Mama exhale.

If you’re the Mom who puts me to shame and genuinely misses her children while you’re at work/they’re at school well I bow to you and excuse you from the remainder of my musings here. Our friendship will remain intact and perhaps you can overlook my joy as I ignore the messes the kids have made in the last 5 minutes of me writing this.

If you’re at all in doubt about my views on back to school time, just have a glance at my post 1 year ago titled Back To School Mommy Dance and you’ll have a heads up where this is going…..

I can handle the painful transition of putting my kids to bed while it’s still light out, I can handle the complaints over the contents of lunch boxes and even the battle of clothing selection in the mornings will slide off my back over the next few weeks. These skirmishes to establish order will not affect me (much) because the reality of being home with the children 24/7 is doing my head in and the memory will be fresh.

When I went to work and the girls attended daycare in the summers it wasn’t this bad, I had an outlet….a challenge which was all my own….and the children had the same. Now we’re stuck together like glue and apparently I make a very attractive dart board for the oh-so-sharp frustration they’ve developed at their young ages.

back to school 2Thankfully we all made it out alive, we’ve had wonderful experiences amidst the mess and now, yes NOW is the TIME!

Tonight as I opened the huge 2012/13 Mom’s calender and slapped it up on the side of the fridge I felt a sense of accomplishment. I’d made it through another summer! I took a moment to give myself a pat on the back, standing tall I surveyed the carnage which was once a clean home and it hit me…….

That calender wouldn’t be blank for long, hundreds of pretty stickers which they provide seemed to multiply before my eyes as lessons, birthdays, holidays and more ran thought my mind.


I effectively put up a mental wall, excluding these overwhelming thoughts from my brain. Today is the day when I’ll spend time relishing and celebrating another summer done and I will not get caught up in the turmoil of what will certainly come.

Today I’m raising my mocktail to all of the Moms and Dads who unite with me….let our cheers ring out loud as we look forward to kissing the school steps!

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9 Responses

  1. I am a Christian mommy to 2 children – girl age 6 & boy age 4. I am one of “those” parents who has been counting down the days till school starts.
    1 MORE TO GO!!

  2. You’re not the only one! I’m looking forward to back-to-school as well. This is the first year that the eldest is in school full time, so I won’t have to deal with the kindergarten 10 day cycle this year, which means I can actually plan to take my toddler to weekly toddler activities in the community! That and my big kid loves school and socializing with other big kids.

  3. Cheers! This is my last summer of ‘innocence’ as my son is entering the school system this year.
    JK here we come! I have been with my son 24/7 for 3 3/4 yrs. What will I do now??? Have another baby ;)

  4. I am also one of those moms!! I have been eagerly counting down the days until my son goes to SK. Not because I don’t enjoy him, but because he’s driving me insane with his restlessness and bugging his little sister LOL. He can’t wait for school, and neither can I ;)

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