Exercise…You’re Worth It! ~ Motivated Monday

Motivated Monday

It’s not Monday yet but I weighed myself tonight and I’m here to tell you to get off your butt and get MOVING!

Yes that’s harsh but frankly some of us need to hear it that way. For too long I allowed myself to be a victim to my limitations, I didn’t believe that I could do anything about my weight or my health.

I was wrong.

Yes I have pain issues, there are so many bad days I can’t count….but I am also powerful, able to get up and do just a little bit more each day than the past days. If I sit complacently and don’t get active I can be assured my situation won’t improve.

I’m not talking about getting up and jogging 5K or hitting the gym and doing an intense workout….I’m talking about simple things. Today for example my family got bundled up and went for a walk in the snow.

Walking Sticks

If I can do it, you can!

Walking for me is truly exercise, my balance is not what it used to be and worsens as I tire…well rather than say “I can’t do it” we bought some walking sticks and I sucked up my ego and used them.

As I waddled along I knew I looked ridiculous, my neighbors were probably straining to see if I had skis on but for 20 minutes I was able to walk at a brisk pace and it felt wonderful!

I am exhausted from it and my pain levels have increased but I truly believe that I can improve. By moving more I believe my body will become used to it and I will become fitter in spite of my current situation. If it means I need a nap to recover after increased exercise then so be it, I’m invested in the long-term result more than the immediate discomforts. There will be days when I cannot move like this but on good days I’m determined to!

How about you, what’s holding you back?

Isn’t it time to see that you’re worth the effort? Are you making changes to get more active? Are you investing in your future?

Each of us is powerful, we can change our thought patterns….we just have to believe that change is possible! Please give yourself a chance and make the small changes you’ve been meaning to….do it today.

Since New Year’s eve I’ve changed my eating, I’ve been eating lean proteins, vegetables, fruit and probiotic yoghurt. I’ve been focused upon my goal of becoming healthy and losing weight. Each evening I take my vitamins, until recently I’d never put much stock into vitamins and hated the way they tasted. Well let me tell you if you haven’t tried Adult Essentials then get your butt in gear and check them out!

This is the very first Winter that our family has not been struck with horrible colds or viruses and the only major change we’ve implemented has been taking these vitamins. Now that I’ve typed that I hope we don’t suddenly get sick…but as of today it’s true!

This week I took a few photos of my favorite meals to show you how I’ve been eating:

This is a lovely mushroom/feta omelette I made, I used only 1 egg and topped it up with egg whites. Notice the bacon? That’s Turkey bacon and it’s heavenly!

Mushroom omeletteWe had steak fajitas one evening, we used lean steak, fat-free sour cream, light cheddar and whole wheat wraps. I only ate one wrap and had a salad with the filling.

Steak FajitaAs you can see I’m not missing out on anything when it comes to food, by making healthy choices I’ve managed to continue to lose weight.

Total Weight Loss Since NYE: 24 pounds

How are you doing my friends, have you been making better choices, did you forget your resolution?

Each day is a new one, last week I had gotten totally off track but caught myself in time and remembered that this is important to me. This week I resisted my inner urges to indulge and have been pleased to see results!

Now is the time for change, we can do it together….link up your posts if you have a blog or write a comment and let me know the changes you’re making.

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10 Responses

  1. Wow, what an inspiring post. It’s great that you’re making so many positive changes in your life. You’ll find that they have a domino effect, they really do. When you start exercising and eating better you’ll start sleeping better and craving less junk food, and when you’re sleeping better you’ll feel more rested and energized and motivated. It’s amazing. Funny thing is that taking those first few steps is the hardest. And it seems you’ve done that and are succeeding. Kudos to you, and keep it up!

  2. Way to go Julie! It’s not hard to find exercise that fits in with your lifestyle. The mind is a very powerful things when it comes to motivating you or demotivating you. Even when I am sick, ( unless I am by the toilet kind of sick) I get off my butt and go for a walk. If it’s only one time around the block, then that is all. But it’s cumulative, if I do it every day, each day I will get stronger. I can now lift heavier weights than I could three weeks ago. Our bodies are meant for the challenge of fitness, a lot of time it’s our minds that are the deciding factor. I have a friend who lost 80 pounds in one year but walking a half hour each day and watching what she ate.

    It was a long process for her and there were times where she was frustrated but she believed in that half hour of activity. She has now become strong enough to run a marathon ( not for me I really don’t enjoy running) but for her it is a great accomplishment.

    I am so proud of you for pushing yourself to get our there. As for the walking sticks to help your balance, keep in mind that though it may not feel like it, you are working out another major muscle group. Your upper body. So what your doing is kind of like Nordic walking and your burning more calories while you do it.

    You will get there. I believe it and your body will get stronger. Have a great rest of your weekend! <3

  3. Julie – your posts truly are inspirational! You are doing so amazing with this journey to getting healthy. It can be hard and it can be very difficult on the days when we aren’t feeling well, but you are so working through that and I am so proud of you! You have such a positive way of thinking and I truly believe that when you tell yourself to think positively you have won half the battle. Keep up the awesome work and please do keep motivating us all!!!

    P.S. Your meals look amazing!

  4. Ok, so now I’ve been motivated by you! Last Thursday I started phase one of the 17 day diet. All your talk has made me realize that if you can do it, I can do it. I had a vicious headache for the last five days (my body dumping garbage) but today I feel so much better and I no longer am craving sugar. I feel more energetic and am actually starting to taste my food, rather than just shove it i my mouth. Congratulations sober sista on 24 lbs. and I think you look fabulous in your cold weather gear and walking sticks. I’m on my way to check out the vitamins. Once again thanks for being such an awesome inspiration not only in sobriety but in health as well! Love U!

  5. Shaddup!! I’m so proud of you, honestly it’s like we’re connected…I was just talking to hubby about you and how happy I am we share our bday ;)
    Let’s do this together, seriously those vitamins ROCK!

  6. Well done, Julie, for losing 24 lbs. since NYE. I also live with chronic pain, I have two neurological disorders that contributed to my addiction, and exercise has completely changed my life in the past year. I’ve been doing intensive exercise, but I worked up to it slowly after detoxing in 2008, and now I’m running 3-4 miles several times per week, plus playing tennis and doing P90X. My body has never felt better. I actually have LESS pain than when I was on the drugs. Plus, of course, a great deal less self-pity and self-hatred and all the rest of it. … I love the photos of your meals. Food is medicine. We need to eat healthfully in order to be healthy. much love /G

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