Winter has officially arrived here in Suburbia and as is typical I have to fight with my girls to wear their helmets for tobogganing. This year I have a trick up my sleeve, I came across a company who makes awesome helmet covers! Tail-Wags has a big variety of choices at reasonable prices for children and adults. Go on over by clicking the link above or the button in my sidebar, the people in your life will be safer and love the funky covers.

We love the Gladiator and the Missy Mouse the girls chose.


Did you know that only 37% of Canadians over the age of 12 always wear a helmet when bike riding and there are still too many preventable head injuries.

Tail Wags Helmet Covers has launched a major helmet safety awareness campaign: “Mothers Against Naked Riding” (M.A.N.R.). The goal of the campaign is to help mothers win the tug of war with their children over helmet-wearing.

”Many head injuries are preventable with the proper use of a helmet. Wearing a helmet while riding should be as natural as buckling up the seat belt when getting in a car,” says Karyn Climans (owner of Tail Wags). “As a mom, I know how hard the struggle can be to get children to wear their helmets. The M.A.N.R. campaign is specifically targeted at increasing the number of people who wear a helmet while cycling or participating in other dynamic sports.”

The M.A.N.R. campaign features a humorous video that leverages both the literal and figurative meanings of the term “naked riding.” The video is a fun way of raising social awareness of children’s unsafe helmet-wearing habits.  There is also a video that explains the campaign in more detail.

The Mothers Against Naked Riding campaign is seeking the support of all mothers who care about helmet safety. The campaign asks supporters to share on Twitter why helmet safety is important to them (hashtag #StopNakedRiding), and on the Tail Wags Facebook page.

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  1. What a great idea! I just found out that our homeschool charter school will not take photos (as work samples) of a child biking unless they are wearing helmets. I’m going to have to check them out – thanks!

  2. Well I think it was nice creativity with helmets. Normally children’s ignore helmets while riding on bicycle but this kind of innovative designs attract more children’s as well as elders to use helmets while riding on bikes. I highly appreciate your remarkable design on helmets. Thanks for sharing it.

  3. We love our Tail-Wags helmet cover! My oldest daughter has the princess one and wears it to skating – we’ve had soooooo many complements on it and questions of where we got it! It’s an excellent way to promote and #StopNakedRiding!

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