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As the big day of Sober Julie Doing Life’s 1 Year Blogiversary approaches I am so pleased to have a VERY special woman Guest Posting for me today!

This woman has become a real friend in my life, her support and kindness touches me each day from across the web. Please my inspiring friend, Alexandra who pens her world at Good Day Regular People.

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Please go over to her blog, as Alexandra puts it: “This blog is made up of  posts from an overanalyzing,  oversensitive, overwhelmed mother of three boys living life in a small town, where I find myself like a fish out of water.”

The writing is touching and Alexandra is oh-so easy to relate to!

To connect further with Alexandra, you can find her on Twitter as: @GDREmpress and Facebook at: Good Day Regular People

Ways To Foster Faith In Your  Children

God watches you, all the bad gets written down by God.

God will tell me if you’re lying.

God knows when you do things that  are wrong, He always knows.

It makes me sad that these are the words I grew up hearing about my most precious Lord.

These words came from my mother, and  they did much to make me behave. But it was behavior by intimidation, not out of  love to please Him.

There is a saying I have taped up to my  refrigerator, “To change the behavior of a child, without changing his heart, is  an abomination to his spirit.”

I love this statement. We are entrusted  with what are God’s children first. He has placed them in our temporary care to raise them in a way that His world is made better by their presence  in it.

 If I were a child again, what words  would lead me to a grander, larger than life great love for our Lord? I think the ones I’ve put together here, would have fostered those  feelings:

You are the apple of His  eye.

His world demanded your presence in it.

He made you because He has work that only you can do for Him.

You are His hands, His feet, His eyes, His mouth, on this planet.

God will always listen to you, no matter how big you think your problems are.

He could make anyone and anything in the universe that He wants to, and He chose to make you.

He knows who you are, and your name is forever joyfully in His heart.

There has never been anyone like you, ever, and there never will be again. That’s how carefully and specially He made  you.

No matter what you do, He will never not love you.

There’s nothing you can say or do: good  or bad, that will change how much He loves you.

He thinks of you, even if you don’t think of Him.

He will always love you, be there for  you, be thinking of you. No matter what you do, no matter what you think, no matter anything.

Those are the rose petal of words  that I wish had been strewn upon my heart as a child. But then, His perfect plan of me now being able to look back on my life as it was, is what allowed this post here today to be written, and to be read, by parents of now young  children.

Happy Blogoversary, wonderful Julie. I love you.

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21 Responses

  1. Thank you for having me, Julie, and letting me be a part of your blogoversary celebration.

    Your life story is one that grabbed my heart from the first time I visited.

    It really is a joy to share these words here, with someone who knows just what I mean.

    Happy blogoversary, my dear friend.

    1. you my darling friend Alexandra will be a friend for LIFE. Sometimes we’re fortunate enough to have an instant, genuine connection with another human being….I feel that with you.

    1. Thank you, Mark.

      You and I are on the same page so many times for the way we view our children, and how blessed we are to have them given to us.

      Happy to see you.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, A.

      I love Julie. Meeting her online has been a big highlight for me.

      I’m glad you’ve gotten to know this wonderful woman, too.

  2. All of these make me think of my dad, which is how I see Our Father.

    Except God doesn’t cuss quite so much, I think.

    Great quotes, in any case.

  3. Empress. Are these your words? These need to be on a wall, this list needs to be on the wall of every church and every soup kitchen and every bus. So much good here. I need to hear these words, let alone my children. Thank you.

  4. Oh, thanks, Dana.

    You’ve made me smile to brimming tears.

    Yes, I wish I would’ve heard these words hear, instead of what I did hear growing up.

    But, it’s all in the past, right?

    Love to you, always, Dana.

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