Wordless Wednesday~Christmas Decorating

Wordfull Wednesday has arrived and for once I remembered!

This past weekend we began decorating the inside of the house for Christmas. We don’t go overboard because our youngest daughter’s birthday is before Christmas, once her celebrations are over I then put up the finishing touches.

While I was going through the boxes of Christmas decorations I came across something I’d forgotten we had. It’s what every family should have…it provides hours of fun!

Can you say Action Figure Jesus on Wheels!!!

action figure jesus

The children were overjoyed that Hubby gave in and allowed them to decorate their tree. We cut down a real tree for the upstairs living room which I get to decorate. This helps me avoid redecorating their tree….man I have OCD when it comes to symmetry.

akids tree

This year I decorated around our fireplace mantel, it’s in the basement with the kids tree where it’s always been very chilly in the winter. Well not this year, we now have a gas fireplace insert which is keeping us toasty!

It looks so pretty at night with the lights and the fire.

a christmas

Lastly I put up some decorations in the kitchen which are driving Hubby nuts…he thinks it’s totally tacky.

As you look at it, picture a beautiful floral piece on the island counter and candles….


You all love my Christmas balls and stars right?

(shamless plea)

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10 Responses

  1. I like the balls & stars. We decorated this past weekend. My birthday is in December just like your daughters but it’s so close that I would hate to wait that long to decorate (it’s on the 22nd).

  2. I love your kitchen decorations! And I really think it’s tasteful not tacky.
    I dup up a small tree and put it in my living room already. It’s too early to chop one down. We have a woodstove and it will be dead and sparse by the time Christmas gets here. I just didn’t want to wait longer to start decorating.

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