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As you may remember I attended the ShesConnected Conference in Toronto two weeks ago.  I knew going in that I had clothing sponsors, Shoe Kat Shoo, As We Grow and Papillon Eastern Imports but I had no idea I would be surprised by a roomate with a room sponsor!

CentrSource brings you things you love, where you live! CentrSource is the easy way to search for the latest and greatest local Offers where you live, work and play.

Teamed with many of Canada’s most trusted media brands, CentrSource brings customers and Sellers together in one convenient online community. What sets CentrSource apart is our ability to help you find products and services in specific areas.

Want to know if a clothing store in your neighbourhood has any special Offers?

Looking for a good lunch deal near your office?

Simply go to, type in what you’re searching for and enter your postal code. It’s that easy.

Are you getting down with the change in weather lately? Well CentrSource has your answer!


If you are a Canadian resident why not enter, it would be a GREAT way to see Canada!

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