Manic Monday – ShesConnected Conference Musings

Manic Monday has arrived and frankly I am exhausted.

This is not the way I want to begin the week alas here I am.

Last week I attended the ShesConnected Conference in Toronto. Leading up to the conference I knew it would present me with challenges due to my physical and cognitive limitations. It has been more than a year and a half since my car accident and I still live with chronic pain from muscle injuries which exhaust me as the day goes on. Add to that my short-term memory problems, some information processing issues, the fact that I’m an alcoholic and you can imagine my concern leading up to the conference.

Acknowledging my concern, hubby and I made a contingency plan. We identified my physical identifiers of exhaustion and pain so that I would be aware of them. After living with them so long I often overlook them and end up laid up in bed for days to recover. As for the alcohol situation, I wrote about that and knew that Mocktails Would Suffice. 

Plan in place, off I went to this 2 day conference where I was looking forward to connecting with other blogger and hear from the impressive list of Brands involved what they valued in the blogging community.


 I enjoyed the speakers and the panels discussions which presented both bloggers and brand representatives.

IMG 1132

Frankly I loved Booty Bootcamp’s breaks which allowed everyone to stretch out after sitting for extended periods. At this point I must apologize to the other attendees who had to move to allow me to exit the room constantly. I made the mistake of sitting at the front, forgetting that I can only sit for short periods of time, next conference I promise to sit towards the back.

aa I had the BEST roommates, Shashers Life, Moms Musings and Tara’s View of the World were amazingly understanding about my limitations and had me laughing like I was in highschool again. I’d love to share stories but I signed a disclaimer that had something like “what happens at the Sheraton stays at the Sheraton” somewhere in it.

Here is Shannon from Shasher’s Life and I doing our best Facebook worthy pose.

Shan and I Here I am on the red carpet of the Town Shoes cocktail party with Tara’s View on Life and Mom’s Musings

Town Shoes2

I must say that I loved the clothes which my sponsors provided me with for the conference, I felt FABULOUS!

IMG 11261

If you want to see more photos, head on over to my Facebook page, Sober Julie Doing Life and feel free to leave saucy comments on my embarrassing photos!

As I said I’m shattered, I didn’t listen to my body well enough and this resulted in a weekend riddled with migraines and exhaustion. In future I will be more in tune and take the time to meditate while at the event, I will bow out of sessions when possible to ensure I’m taking care of my body’s needs.

ShesConnected was a fantastic learning opportunity, the main thing I learned is that I do not fit into a niche and I dig that. I see the need for my message in social media.  My personal life experience has allowed me to see the need for grounding myself and not falling victim to the fast paced world I live in and the self perceived demands for success.

This is something I must always remember and plan on sharing with the world!

How about my readers, do you have methods you use to ensure the demands you’re meeting are truly important?

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15 Responses

  1. Love that black outfit you wore to Shoes Connected! But, that’s not why I chose to comment. I just wanted to point out to you that you’re dead on not to change your brand – many people struggle to find a niche (what marketers call a Unique Selling Proposition or USP for short). If you’ve got one, you’re already ahead of the game. :)

  2. Love your post! I was at the conference too and learned so much about the big wide world of blogging, as well as thing about myself. Although we’re all different in our blogging ways, it was nice to feel like a part of the community. You have a great blog, with a great message. Good for you for being true to your passion!

    As for meeting demands, being a busy working mom causes me to ignore my own demands way too often. But I do have two beautiful little reminders (my boys) that I must put myself first. If I don’t take care of my self and my needs, I can’t take care of my boys. With that said, I have decided to keep doing what I’m doing with my blog…using it as a creative outlet, something that I truly enjoy.

    1. I admire that Shauna, you’ve stated exactly what so many of us miss. With all of life’s demands we really need to establish where it’s important to spend our time and efforts.

  3. Hi Julie – thank you so much for attending our conference. It was a great pleasure to meet you – and you know I have to borrow some of your wardrobe very soon. For any upcoming events I will be sure to see if we can make you more comfortable.
    You are a great inspiration and I am thrilled we connected!

  4. Hey Julie, I’m so sorry you had a miserable weekend. Migraines sound unbearable. Hope you’re feeling better today. It was so nice to meet you. And I have to say, you looked mahvelous, dahling!

  5. Hi Julie,

    It was absolutely wonderful to meet you at shesconnected. We only chatted for a few minutes, but your strength and serenity were evident. I had no idea you had those physical limitations-you seemed vibrant and totally energized. You’re strong! I love that you are committed to your ‘brand’ and know who you are. Hope we can connect again soon!

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