Tuesday controversy…can I possibly come up with something worthwhile?
I was over at a friend’s blog today and she’d written a very funny post about circumcision. The point of the post was actually about a dialogue between her Mother-In-Law and herself wherein she was baiting said MIL.
There were 190 comments on her post. It began with people letting her know they thought her post was hilarious and quickly degenerated into people slamming her about having a pro-circumcision opinion.
OK I know you’re all dying to see it, but sharing it wouldn’t be supporting the point of my post.
In the past few weeks I’ve been concerned that my “voice” isn’t coming through here. That I’m becoming a middle of the road blogger, full of daily stuff and not giving my the edges of who I am.
 It’s not like I’m holding back here folks, it simply that I have felt there were more important things to “put out there” than my opinion on controversial issues. I’m certainly not as funny as many of the bloggers I read and frankly if I posted about circumcision it would probably come across as gross not sassy.
My life has moved away from focusing upon the trivial issues, I’m not fashionable (I have friends who help), I’m not a great cook (have a hubby who helps), I’m not as in your face as I used to be (thank God for that!), I’m trying to not share my blue humor here, and I’m not going to spout out here about my bedroom activities (well not often).
So where do I fit in the blogisphere?
I’m a Christian.
I am a Wife
I am a Mother
I’m an alcoholic
I’m a daughter, sister, friend.
Can you see where this is going?
I’m feelin’ it people, I’m hearing the song in my head….
I’m everyone woman….it’s all in me……..
I’m uncertain if I have yet established a “voice” but I do know that I love blogging and appreciate other bloggers. While I personally try to limit myself from posting about controversial issues, I hope my sassy self is coming through.
I truly hope my blog isn’t just vanilla, middle of the road to my readers.
Seriously if a recovering alcoholic, Christian Mother can’t find a way to be amusing we’re all in trouble here.
Perhaps this is a bad idea, but I’m going to roll with it.
Feedback promotes growth.
So have at it folks, let me know your thoughts on how I’m doing….have I been too bland lately?
Are you getting my point, that there is a balance to be found, mind, body and spirit?
Can you see that it truly is possible to live in the NOW yet be mindful of a greater purpose?
Believe it or not friends I have a lot to learn and could stand to grow….that there is the humble in me in case you didn’t notice.

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  1. Wait a minute, I came over here from twitter to see the controversy…where is it? We really need a bloggy voice…boy I am in trouble with the social media world!I love your blog…love your story, and not sure what is required of the bloggy world.

  2. But if we tell you how will you seek God's will instead of your readers adoration?LOL, don't listen to that, I'm just CrAzY.The truth is, I find your blog quite engaging. I like the fun of family, the raw quality of truth, the honesty of spirit and the joy of experience. I also love that you do "get real."Mostly, I feel like I'm getting to know you, a kindred spirit, up there in 'da north country.Just Julie, hanging out, being Julie.And yes, the sassiness shines through. :) The important part is you like writing, and sharing this experience. That in itself is a gift!

  3. I love your blog! I find there are quite a few alcoholics that blog nowadays (thank God for that, I am so glad it is getting out there and is more acceptable to talk about) but I really appreciate when people talk about their faith as well, and I find that a lot of people shy away from ever talking about it. I understand why, but as a Christian mom myself, it's nice to hear how people get through tough times or deal with tough issues from a faith point of view, which you do. Plus, your humor and creativity and sensitivity come through in your blog, which make the topics you talk about worth investing in. :)My 2 cents. :)

  4. If your posts genuinely reflect your life, both the good and the bad, then you're fine. If you're sitting at your keyboard ruminating over how best to write a post so that it grabs a response from your reader…well, not so much.And I'm not directing this at you personally. I hold myself to the same guidlines. Trust me, I could write a post that would blow up my stat counter, but that is essentially the 'old Kristin.' The girl that would do or say anything for a response (be it postive or negative) from other people. I have pointedly moved away from that in recovery.And to be frank, my days of hawking the blog to moderate comments or fishing through spam are over. The more controversial my posts get, the more committed I am to the blog. I have a handful of blogs that I can read comfortably throughout the day and I'm ok with that.

  5. Julie, I love reading your blog. I think you being the real you is all you need! I think, and I'm just talking for me, the blogs are a tool that help me to be accountable. I blog for myself 1st. It helps me to get it all out, it helps me to go back and look and reflect, and sometimes I get some beautiful, supportive, loving comments that really help me keep on track. I think it is funny that your friend got some negative feed back. These are blogs people, you don't like it, don't read it and for Pete's sake, don't put a nasty comment down, just move on. It goes to show how many people can think that no matter what their two cents counts.Keep blogging all that you blog, I love it, it gives me strength to read about other people and their struggles and their triumphs, and even their boring everyday things, that's life, especially in recovery! I am blessed to have found all the bloggers I follow, they keep me accountable when I am not able to be with others! Have a great day!,

  6. Thank you all, funny but I didn't mean to sound like I was looking for compliments. I wanted to hear people's perception of what my voice is.Like Kristen described, I used to be pretty "out there" and now that I'm not it's tough to gage the response ya know?

  7. Personally?–I love daily stuff. Recovery is daily. I can't have a cup of coffee (or tea) with you to talk about daily stuff, so I read your blog… Whatever we share, it's a service, as long as we're honest and sincere about it. Sistah

  8. I'm not looking for controversy. I'm not looking for clever, or crazy, or fashionable. Sometimes you give one or more of these but that's not the reason I come to see you.I do it because you're real, a real person in real recovery with real faith. So rare to find these days and I so appreciate it when I find it that I keep coming back. Lately I've been going through my own bit of "blogger's block" so it helps to know that others I respect also have times of self-doubt. I write primarily for me, to work things out, to discover what I think, how my belief finds expression in how I live. Thanks for reminding me. Keep blogging!!

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