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I have decided to share some of the blogs I read this week with everyone in case you’ve missed it. My reader numbers are ridiculous and I cannot read everything so if I missed an awesome post please share it with me in the comments.
Lizz at Am I a Funny Girl writes in response to a prompt on jealousy between a mother and a woman without children here in That Green Grass, this was a great display of our inner thoughts.
On Crying Out Now Diana explores the stigma which alcoholism has these days, exposing the fact that it’s a disease which many of us live with. Stigma
Edenland shares a beautiful exerpt from a book with us, exploring our perspective of wealth here with You are Royalty
Get Unwrapped! does a great day of challenging us to be ourselves here with You’re the Only You You have be You!
Sue on Inner Dorothy was discussing the Gweneth Paltro movie Country Strong this week and how we should acknowledge our achievements with Strong
GiGi on Kludgy Mom shared about a women’s writer group she attended Words Became Butterflies tells us about the beauty of our words.
Chantelle wrote about the dreaded sick man on Mom Went Crazy, any wife can relate to I’ve Finally Found It
On One Crafty Mother Ellie shares a very raw event in her life with us, Look will have tears streaming down your face.
Personally I want to smack Alexandra from Good Day Regular People with her post titled Never Act Irrisponsibly in Front of Family Members because she’s such a great Mom she’s setting the bar too high.

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  1. Hi, Julie! Just read your interview at Shasher's Life. I'm going to really enjoy reading your blog.Blessings on your journey.

  2. Hey there Rach and Judy, thank you both for your awesome work on your blogs.Tanya thank you, it's nice to meet you and I love your flower photos.

  3. Must go read the Empress's post…then I can feel even more guilty…sigh…she is fantastic, I do love her. Good for you for shouting out your favourite reads.

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