First ever VLog

Today I decided to do my first VLog!!!
Be kind my friends, the message is solid just my camera work is questionable.

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15 Responses

  1. I thought you were going to say that you no longer pop them…you go out and make a wish and blow the little fairies all around. :o) Also…love your sidewalk! We live where there are no sidewalks…country living but I do miss a sidewalk every now and then.

  2. My hero!!! Maybe one day I'll have the nerve – I photograph horribly and video even worse!! But, you , my friend look adorable.I wrote to you somewhere that I am struggling with back issues and my husband and I srive to be "green gardeners" so,, cool gadget there! I must check it out.Enjoy your weekend!ps – wish I had dark hair so I could do fun highlights!!

  3. @Annette haha I am not that whimsical when it comes to those nasty things ;)The kids love the sidewalks for riding bikes, they'll miss it if we ever achieve the dream of living in the country.

  4. @~dawn oh thank you dawn, it was very humid here so my fro wasn't lovely in my mind so I just tried to ignore it.Seriously they're fantastic.Oh my hair is white, the color is added ;)

  5. I miss so many moments just because I allow myself to become over committed. It is bad because it is those 'breath' 'pause on the road' moments that give us what we need to continue life. Great post

  6. Sorry it took me so long to get over here. I'm still trying to get my blogging rhythm back.Yay for you! No pesticides on the lawn. I'm a huge advocate of banning chemicals from lawns. I cringe when I see pesticide trucks parked outside homes, spraying that poison. That dandelion thing is awesome. Although, and please don't hate me, here in Florida, we don't get dandelions. As a child, I lived in the Midwest and of course, I thought, dandelions were magical. So, I miss them and any time I see one these days, I get so excited. You did a great job on your first vlog.

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