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When I think of spending time with friends and family I picture us enjoying a beverage of choice, whether it’s coffee, tea, lemonade or something else in my vision there’s generally a drink involved.
For a long time my beverage of choice was wine. I had researched, taste tested and established my list of favorites to enjoy with friends and family. It wasn’t often that I had a stocked cellar, frankly it was hard to keep a bottle in any house while I was there, but I did know my wines, how they were created and which would compliment the meal of the evening.
Times have changed, I’m not looking for a replacement for the alcohol and yet I still reach out for something wonderful to serve while enjoying time with special friends.
I have had a true love for the scent of brewing coffee all of my life, many of my childhood memories were of my father sipping coffee surrounded by the scent when I awoke in the mornings. My love for the taste of coffee came later in life, after I met Hubby and we enjoyed quiet mornings together over a cup.
Over the years we’ve managed to kill off countless Coffee Makers with overuse and we’ve spent too much money at the local Coffee Shop Drive Thru window. For the past few years we’ve toyed with purchasing a Single Cup Brewer for ourselves. For me the only dilemma was which one, for Frugal Hubby it was all cost/usage.
Sometimes a logical financial argument tires against the emotional need of the coffee drinker, I couldn’t see facing another year of reheating a cup of stale coffee.
And so the research began, we watched the local sales, browsed websites and discussed the many brands and models. In saying we “discussed” I mean heatedly, since the accident it’s difficult for me to complete steps with more than a few steps and making a pot of coffee is beyond me because of this.
It wasn’t until we recently received some amazing information regarding the Keurig Single Cup Brewers that our decision was made. I will share this information in a little bit once I’ve told you all about my new baby.
We decided upon this beauty:
Isn’t she lovely??
I’m seriously considering upgrading the counter and back splash to compliment her.
This my friends is the Keurig B60 Special Edition Brewer, her beauty is only outdone by her performance.I had faith that this would be the case, however Frugal Mr Sober wasn’t so happy to part with his..ahem…money.
Remind me to tell you about the $1.00 pack of ice trays which he felt “we didn’t need”.
This is the official description from the Keurig website:
The Special Edition Brewing System brews a perfect cup of coffee, tea, hot cocoa or iced beverage in under one minute at the touch of a button. Featuring chrome accents and a blue, back lit LCD display, the Special Edition brewer allows you to program water temperature, set the digital clock and Auto On/Off. With the choice of three cup sizes, the Special Edition brewer offers a removable drip tray to accommodate travel mugs. Includes a bonus variety box of 12 K-Cups®.
  • Programmable
  • Choice of 3 cup sizes (6 oz., 8 oz. and 10 oz.)
  • Removable 48 oz. water reservoir
  • Quiet-Brew Technology®
  • Energy Savings Mode – Auto On/Off
For us it’s been amazing, the girls LOVE the hot chocolate and I love the ease and speed of making a freshly brewed cup of coffee. I was very thankful that Keurig provided a sample pack of K-Cup varieties to try….especially since the K-Cups Frugal Hubby purchased were decaffeinated!
He’s sooo lucky we had those samples that morning.
What is Frugal Hubby’s opinion you ask?
This is where I’m sharing the “amazing information”.
There is a fantastic accessory available for purchase which will satisfy the most frugal of shoppers!
keurigmyk cup1
Keurig’s My K-Cup allows you to brew your own choice of coffee with single-cup convenience!
This means that Frugal Hubby could use up the 2 giant containers of coffee he bought on sale and could continue to boycott my lovely K-Cups in quiet rebellion.
Frugal Hubby is converted, he LOVES the convenience, the flavor and the cost!
As for me, for the first time in over a year I’m able to brew coffee, tea, hot chocolate and even cold drinks for myself and others without stressing about the process.
I would highly recommend this product to anyone.
I am not being paid by Keurig, this purchase was one we paid for ourselves and the review is independent.
I did contact Keurig’s PR company with thoughts of a giveaway but they were unable to provide a brewer at this time but I am linking this post to them hoping that could change in future.

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19 Responses

  1. I am on my second one – had the first one for two years and got my new one about 6 months ago. I love it so much I bought the single one for work. Best thing ever!!!!

  2. I love how happy he looks by the time he's drinking the coffee! We stayed at a friend's house overnight last month and woke to those awesome little K-cups….I thought I was in coffee heaven!And yours is very pretty…..

  3. I love when i can get family members to test a product out for me. Are the single filters easy to use? Should I buy two when i buy it? I am due to buy one – wasn't yet that weekend (heck how did i know you'd beat me to it?) Its a special reward to myself and technically i can buy one now .. just dilly dallying…Can't figure out if i am being cheap or afraid i don't deserve it yet..

  4. Wow, this would be perfect for us considering my hubby hates coffee. I usually make a pot and then drink it cold the next day in iced coffee (it's never as good re-heated)…of course, I am the frugal one here, so our $ will be spent on some gadget HE likes!

  5. I know people who have these and they are wild about them! Loved this unsolicited review, and glad hubby came around. He does look a little "sheepish" as he's drinking that coffee…

  6. Ok, I am about to show all of my sour grape colors! My husband has one of these at work and he was all jazzed to get one for home. I balked big time…lets keep it simple honey. A regular old coffee maker is fine for us here at home. Plus I like STRONG coffee…nothing fancy for me. We still don't have one…poor guy. :o(

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