Random acts of kindness

Hello out there in blogisphere!!
I have been quiet lately, not so much because I’m quiet but my brain just doesn’t seem to be working as well as it has. I’m fuzzy. Writing is difficult because I’m not feeling the bang of an idea and the jazzed up feeling about posting. It began last week with the migraine which knocked me on my butt. This was the mother of all headaches, but it’s lifted. I’m now back to the normal pressure in my head and low grade migraine I’m used to in the last year. But I’m feeling detached, not creative, totally numb.
This too shall pass.
I know it will, it has before so I’ll be patient and take each day at a time.
I gave in on Friday and went to my Doctor in tears, it was hubby’s birthday and the pain was overwhelming after so many days without relief and it felt like my Spirit just couldn’t carry me anymore. I felt like an utter failure. I prayed on it in the morning and felt the need to call my Doctor (who never has appointments open) and voila she had one that afternoon. I went to my AMAZING girlfriends house with my youngest and she watched the little one. My Doctor was great, I felt sane after visiting and we are trying some medications to relieve the pain.
Yesterday at a meeting someone I really respect said that during his early years in the program he would take a slogan and adopt it for a month. He would apply it to everything and was amazed at what he learned, how his perspective shifted.
I am applying “This too shall pass” to my health, going to believe that with prayer and work I CAN recover.
And today is the beginning of Lent, rather than giving something up I am performing one random act of kindness for someone for 40 days. I want to see how it feels for me and the other person (if they share it).
I challenge you all to do this too.

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  1. I really like that idea for Lent. Turn it on its head! Speaking of heads, I have read migraines are a neurological storm in the brain. No wonder you feel fuzzy – I hope it recharged some stuff!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing the idea of adopting a slogan for a month. I really need something right now to help gain a new perspective and that is perfect. I am so sorry about headache but so happy that you have a good doc that you can connect with and who makes you feel human again. Hope you find quick relief.

  3. I'll accept the challenge! Glad to hear you have some relief. My sponsor always tells me: "the wisdom to know" also means taking care of yourself. Medicine is there for those very reasons. Rest, and relax and before you know it you will be back to your witty and wonderful self soon….

  4. Full-blown migraines are what I imagine hell to be like – no end to the pain (and/or nausea), wishing you could die; every second an eternity. The only difference is that it DOES end. The aftermath is rather unsettling too: weakness, disorientation, fatigue. Hope that by now you are feeling human again. I like the idea of one RAK per day for Lent. Who knows? for me it might even carry through to the rest of the year too!!Lately my slogan has been "Let Go – Let God" – the first 2 years of recovery it was "rigorous honesty" and I still have to dig into the tickle trunk and dust that one off (grin). The trouble with a living sacrifice (Rom. 12: 1, 2) is that it keeps trying to crawl off the altar.Lots of things left to let go of, some of the stuff from my moral inventory reaches up and bites me in the butt occasionally. Stuff I thought I had let go of – only for it to present in a different way through another person and I'm freaking out again, pinging off the walls of my psyche. So I have to 12-step it – admit I'm powerless over the other person, over me, over the situation, etc., etc., until it is completely brought to the surface and dealt with. Again.Thanks for posting as often as you do, Julie. You are such an inspiration to me.

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