Cruising 101 – All You Need to Know to Plan a Carnival Cruise

Last year around this time our family was busy planing our very 1st cruise. We took our time, did loads of research and ended up taking a 5 day Cruise to Bahamas on Carnival’s Fantasy which was a complete dream! We truly enjoyed our time on the Fantasy, you can read all about why we think it’s a cruise ship for everyone HERE.


Since then, we’ve been doing some more research and are excitedly planning a trip on Carnival’s Liberty in March. We’ve been telling all of our friends about why we choose to cruise with Carnival and today I’m going to share some more information which you need to know to plan a cruise.

This is info which has been developed by Carnival Cruise Line with the assistance of popular travel expert Samantha Brown, presented in a YouTube channel. The videos are geared to cruise “Rookies”, they’re filmed on Carnival Breeze and bring you right into the action which you’ll experience on a Carnival Cruise.

All You Need to Know to Plan a Cruise

all you need to know to plan a cruise

In this video, Samantha Brown talks about:

  • What’s included
  • What’s not included
  • What’s there to do
  • What’s there to eat

One of the things I like about Carnival is their willingness to be of service; from the planning stages to the end of the voyage, they’re always willing to assist as the videos on their YouTube channel shows. They’ve been creative in presentation and the topics are well thought out, making my life as a cruiser easier.

So tell me…what’s stopping you from booking your cruise? Is there any info I can provide?

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  1. I took a one week Carnival Cruise on the Victory in 2000 and met my husband. I would love to take another Carnival cruise with him, maybe for our 15 year anniversary!

  2. I want to take a cruise but I get sick sitting on a swing. then with all the cruise videos I see of storms and breakdowns it makes me nervous.

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