Christmas Gifts for the Instant Photographer with Fujifilm Giveaway #HolidayGifts2014

If you’re like me, you’ve been hearing requests for Fujifilm’s instax mini camera’s for Christmas this year. I can’t say I blame them though; the bright colours and instant access to all those selfie’s and social media photo shares makes for a fun party. In the past we have set up photo booths with props during parties which are always a blast for everyone with a lot of smiles and giggles throughout.

Personally I feel like a kid again with a bit of nostalgia using my parents old instant camera as a child. Fujifilm has definitely kicked it up a notch, or twelve, from the good ol’ days with this line of instax photography equipment and accessories. Fujifilm aims to connect with and please your guests and gift recipients this holiday season and they won’t disappoint. I always look for unique gifts, gifts my recipients will love. One of the best gifts are the ones you can use right away; Fujifilm inbstax will be busy in celebrations this holiday with instant parting gifts and personalized photo’s for your guests. This sounds like a new tradition brewing and I love the idea!

instax mini 90


Sleek, stylish and compact to make the perfect accessory for any outfit or outing. I love the colours of the instax mini 8 but this one just speaks to me in it’s classic more grownup form. This would make a beautiful gift for any of those trendy or hard to find recipients on your list.

Key Features

  • Double exposures, macro mode and high performance flash, making this an instant camera for every photographer.
  • The high performance flash emits the ideal amount of the light finely adjusted for the distance to the subject and ambient brightness.
  • The party mode enables the background as well as the subject to be captured brightly.
  • Capture fast moving subjects like children and animals.
  • Add a low-key or high-key effect by controlling the brightness of photos.
  • The newly equipped macro mode lets you enjoy stunning close-up photography.
  • Select double exposure mode and press the shutter button twice, you can superimpose two different images in one frame to create an artistic photo.
  • The bulb exposure mode enables photo capture that shows attractive night views and light streaks. You can take expressive photos, with more fun added to instax photography.
  • By rotating the dial, you can switch modes and functions while looking through the viewfinder.
  • A rechargeable battery is used.

instax mini 8


Okay, okay, you’ve likely seen this colourful little cuties all over the place and if you have preteen or teens, they’ve surely put this on their Christmas list this year. Luckily we’re giving one away below and you should enter for a chance to win BUT you should also run out and buy one for the deserving kiddo on your list. Emerging bright eyed and bushy tailed on Christmas morning to find this under the tree. I’d say you might even get a hug from that moody teen for this one. Snicker. We can try.

Key Features

  • Cute and compact body design available in five different colors!
  • instax mini 8 automatically determines the best brightness for taking a picture, and informs you of the suitable setting by lighting the corresponding lamp.
  • Setting the brightness adjustment dial to the high-key mode mark allows you to take pictures with a softer impression.


pic_01 (1)


This instax SHARE Smartphone Printer is definitely on my Christmas list. Everyone takes pictures on their smartphones; these days and I know this compact little buddy would be extremely popular with all who own a smartphone, especially the teens! How fun would this printer be at parties? Your guests can snap pictures all night long and before they leave, pick their favourites, print and head home with souvenirs. I know I would love that!

Key Features

  • “Real Time Template” takes a photo with the date, place, weather, temperature, and humidity indicated in the frame.
  • Limited Editions – Each print is numbered so it looks like a limited item. A memory shared with people you cherish will be even more precious.
  • Template for printing images uploaded to social networking (SNS) service. With the profile photo and the number of likes indicated, the print offers great fun in tandem with SNS.
  • Template that fits the photo cropped into a square. It is possible to write your feelings and messages to make the memory more vivid.
  • Different designs to fit the occasion, whether Mother’s Day, a birthday, a greeting to mark the season, “Best wishes!”
  • The Fujifilm Intelligence Filter uses an optimum processing technology, Image Intelligence™, which is based on Fujifilm’s 80 years of experience and ever-advancing know-how. The technology gives real results — for example, to brighten up a photo that turned out too dark.
  • With FUJIFILM digital cameras, you can make instax prints by sending the images directly from your camera to “instax SHARE”.
  • You can now share the images that you can only achieve with digital cameras, such as children and pet images captured at fast shutter speed, or food and flower images with blurred backgrounds, by making them into instax prints on the spot.






Point, click, upload to the instax SHARE printer….easy as 1, 2; 3 in less than 16 seconds! I have so many ideas brewing in me head over this. Thinking gifts, these instant pictures would make great gift tags or tags on homemade DIY gifts; sometimes the personal touch is the most heartfelt and special.

#HolidayGifts2014 Twitter Party

If you’re looking for Christmas gift ideas for more people on your list, make sure to check our the rest of our Holiday Gift Guide features and don’t forget to join us for the #HolidayGifts2014 Twitter Party on December 9th at 9pm EST where we’ll will be giving away amazing prizes! RSVP HERE.



For more information about instax products, head over to Fujifilm. Don’t forget to follow them on Facebook, Twitter @instax or @fujiguys, Instagram and say hello from us while you’re there.


Enter to WIN

It’s easy to enter, just tell us what you would take a picture of first with this camera in the comments below and enter to win in the form. Open to Canada.


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions are 100% my own.


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  1. I would first take a picture of my dog. She is very camera shy, and has all my devices figured out. Hoping I could get a nice picture of her.

  2. I would take my first pic of our pregnant stray kitty we have been feeding and opening our home to on the cold winter nights.

  3. We had a new baby grandson born into the family in August.
    He is now four months old,smiling,cooing,surprised looking,head bobbing and drooling all the way.
    He is the apple of my eye and the star in the family
    and I will take so many pictures of him.
    I would love to take a picture a day of every day of his life.
    Merry Christmas!

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