A Boxer, A Cockatoo and now a Bulldog Puppy – We’re Complete

There is something about the love of a family pet which helps us all to slow down if we allow it. In their innocent eyes we see an entity that fully trusts us, whom loves us unconditionally and even brings us laughter when we least expect it. I love my pets and openly admit their antics have me in stitches throughout my day.

In 2009 just before Father’s Day I fell in love with a brand-new Boxer puppy whom we knew HAD to become a member of our family.


Miss Cocoa Bean has added tremendous joy to our lives with her happy Boxer-wiggle, her naughty ways and her love for us all. She is all grown up now and although she looks quite regal at times, she still has that amazing puppy energy.

Cocoa Bean Boxer Dog

Next came Miss Angie the Cockatoo who needed a home. This bird is so interactive it’s not funny! Angie loves to dance, sing, cuddle and wave at us. She is quite vocal and if we leave her alone while she is out of her cage she happily calls us back…LOUDLY.

angie cockatoo

Just this week we’ve added another pet to our family, I’m please to introduce Miss Olive Queen Elizabeth to you all! This English Bulldog puppy is keeping us on our toes. We had almost forgotten the chewing, yipping, snoring and snuggles a puppy can bring.

bulldog puppy

Once again, we are blessed to feel the puppy-love in our home…and in our pool after Olive was chasing a flower and fell in!

bulldog puppy sad

Right now we consider our little family complete with our 2 Grandparents, 2 parents, 2 children, 2 dogs and one bird. Our home is a bit noisy, a bit messy but oh so FUN!

Miss Olive is fitting in very well and don’t worry Miss Cocoa is quickly showing her who is boss!

boxer bulldog playing

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18 Responses

  1. O M Geeee!!! Miss Olive Queen Elizabeth is beautiful!!! All your pets are gorgeous! Love the pic of Olive and Cocoa! Too adorable!

  2. Not sure if you’re aware, but bulldogs can’t swim, ever. They are too top-heavy and sink right to the bottom. Ask your vet. By the way, cute pup! Enjoy!

  3. I still can’t believe how cute she is, makes me want to go out and get another puppy, but I already have three so that is enough for me..lol

  4. your family is adorable. I always wanted a puppy!

    I will soon own my first home, and I am considering getting a dog!

  5. Love the last pic of the two dogs playing! Pets are a special part of the family, we have 4 ourselves (2 cats & 2 dogs)

  6. Oh Julie, your dogs are just way too sweet!! How beautiful they are!! I absolutely love your bird! We have budgies, made the mistake of buying a few, like 3 lol… any kind of ‘vocabulary’ from them will be very minimal for a long time!!

    I don’t know, there’s just something about a pet that makes a house a home and a family feel complete!

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