Ice Storm 2013 – Gave Me The Best “I Told You So”

Here in Ontario we were warned that an ice storm was coming and we scoffed. Yes indeed, we shook our heads thinking of all of the times in the past that we’d been warned by weather only to have a smattering of snow. Winter rarely stops one person in this house; whether it’s a foot of snow or an inch of ice my husband just brushes off my 4×4 vehicle and leaves for work early. So far so good, he’s always made it.

He’s a bit of a mountain man at heart while I am a different breed…I’m much more likely to be found snuggled by the fire, prepared to hibernate for months if given my choice on the matter.

The ice storm hit and the reports were accurate, we’ve been slammed with some serious ice! We went on a walk through the neighbourhood so I could get some snaps to share here.


The sidewalk and roads were covered in ice, it was a bit of an effort to remain upright.

1484161_582243648526790_835784136_nThe trees had this magical look, the ice covering them glittered in the light and weighed them down.


All around us there were branches down, ice falling and we were beginning to get concerned that we’d get hit by something overhead.


We decided we should get back to the house and have a real look at our trees.


When we were standing looking at our house it occurred to me that my husband should move his car from under this tree. He joked that the ice would protect it and said he would shovel out the icy driveway first. I headed inside as he began to chip at the ice and within moments I head a CRACK and a THUD.


This may be the biggest “I told you so” I’ll have for years to come. The branch came downand missed his car by inches!


Thankfully our neighbour was home and pushed the car out of the way and after some effort we got it out from under that tree. We simply couldn’t leave the branches….hubby insisted that he needed his chainsaw!


Notice how he’s wearing his sneakers in the snow, something tells me he was a bit excited to pull out the chainsaw.

We’ve been lucky, the car is fine and we have power. There are so many folks without power right now who are feeling the brunt of the storm. Please pray for them and I hope you and your family are safe!

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7 Responses

  1. While the ice on everything is beautiful in photos – how scary! I am glad to hear you and your family are safe! You certainly had an angel watching your vehicle too !

  2. Our street looked like a hurricane hit. Trees all over the road. The damage was incredible but beautiful at the same time. I love how the trees covered in ice look like glass ornaments. I’ll be posting on my blog about the storm too. Just have to go through the some 200 pictures I took and decide which ones to share :)

  3. Wow, your hubby’s car had a lucky escape to say the least. It was a horrible storm, caused lots of damage and hardship for a lot of people. The photos that people have posted are fantastic but scary at the same time.

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