WIN an iPad Mini for Back To School #iPadMiniBTS

School has begun and we’re beginning to settle into a routine. As a celebration for the beginning of a new school year I’ve teamed up with Stacey from This Lil Piglet and Stacie from Simply Stacie to bring you the iPad Mini Back To School Giveaway.


Why give away an iPad Mini to celebrate back to school? Well why not! I know someone will be thrilled to have this beautiful device, perhaps to steal a few minutes of their own to watch a movie on or surf the web when nobody in the family is vying for their attention.



The iPad mini is a thinner, lighter, cheaper variant of the iPad as we know it, with a smaller screen and form factor that makes it even more portable than its larger sibling. Thanks to its 4:3 aspect ratio, the iPad mini is actually superior to 7-inch tablets with a wide ratio. That is due to the more surface area available on the device’s screen, which results in a richer web browsing experience

Win an iPad Mini

We’ve invited some fabulous bloggers in and we’ve decided to giveaway 1 16GB iPad Mini valued at $329. to one very lucky reader in either the US or Canada. You must be 18+ to enter, Winner will be drawn on October 5th and have 48 hours to respond.

I’m so excited, good luck!

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76 Responses

  1. I would love to win this because I don’t have a device like this. They are very handy and small that you can bring them everywhere with you.

  2. I’d love to win this as we only have a PC and 2 e-readers would be nice to have another device that I’d be able to blog with as my wife did her thing on the Comp :)

  3. Love the portability of the mini. Great to keep my son occupied when I need him to sit for a moment (sitting quietly doesn’t happen often :))

  4. Everyone in my house (including my 8 year old son) has a tablet. I think it’s high time I see what all the fuss is about, lol!

  5. I would love to win this because I am from the older generation trying to get into the new gernation with
    technology. It would be amazing to use a device like this.

  6. i want to win for my mother in law she has been in the hospital so much something for her to do. read play games

  7. My Grandson would be so proud of me. Not much fun coming to Grandma’s I guess when there are no handheld tech toys nor an X-Box to play with?? For shame, having to go outside and play

  8. I would love to win this for my son. His birthday is in November and it would be an awesome gift. Then we would not have to share our one computer.

  9. I would Love to win this for my family. We definitely are old school tech as the new devices just have not been in our budget. This would be great

  10. I would love to win a mini iPad! We do not own a device that is portable. It would be great for my business.

  11. I would love to win the ipad to give to my mom since her laptop has decided to stop working as it should & I know money is to tight right now to spend money on fixing it or getting a new one.

  12. I want it for myself, with all the appointments I have at the cross cancer with my dad and all the ones for me I can throw it in my purse and use it where ever I go to read or search for things I need.

  13. wow,,what a great prize,, I am a mother whom would love to have it, Thanks for the opportunity to win one

  14. I want to win an iPad mini because my toddler has taken over my lifeproofed ipad. I never get a chance to use it or i hear a scream.. “MY PIPAD”
    I love that this is small enough i can hide under the covers and catch up on all my favorite PTPA blogaholics :) Thanks for the chance!!

  15. I want to win this for my hubby as a christmas present. He does so much for our family and he has wanted one.

  16. I would LOVE to win one of these! I don’t own a device like this and I have heard such great things about IPADS! This would be the perfect size and I know It would be great for my children to use too! I’ve heard wonderful things about educational apps for kids and reading. Thanks for the opportunity!

  17. My oldest is turning 13 this month and she has always wanted one. Would love to win this for her. Thanks for the chance

  18. I have two kids with disabilities this would be a great tool to help them learn and get them closer to their goals!

  19. I don’t own an iPad and have wanted one for awhile, but if I’m lucky enough to win I will give it to my son. He would love it for school.

  20. I would love to win this because we plan to buy one for when we travel, and winning one would be better than spending the money! We want it for allowing the kids to play/watch some movies while on the road as well as for using it to upload photos and check emails as we go.

  21. Now that school is back in session I know that I will have to wait in line to get on the pc, would love to have this mini to beable to check my emails and do a little surfing!

  22. i want to be able to play my games, also hubby got an automated lighting system for most of the house and i can control them with the ipad mini

  23. My almost 5 year old keeps stealing my IPad; so I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win the IPad Mini so he can have his own and this Mama can get hers back ;) Thank you for the opportunity :)

  24. I would love to win the iPad Mini because an iPad is so much more easier to carry than a laptop.. Plus, my momma can have my laptop, and i could finalyl have something of my own :)

  25. this would make taking notes so much easier, plus the fact that im the only one in my program that doesnt have one (seriously?!)

  26. Hi Gayle, wow don’t really know what to say,, I would also love to have this sweet iPad Mini,,if I am choosen it would be just fantastic,, Thanks for the opportunity

  27. im a single part time working mom of 3 kids they always wanted one of these but i cant afford luxurys like this ,would love to win and suprise them at christmas time .they so deserve it they are good kids ,i would like to be able to spoil them for once

  28. I have recently gone out of work on SocialSecurity disability and I had to let my iPhone go but I gets lot of emails and would love to be able to read my emails and browse the Internet so the iPad mini would be perfect for me. Thanks for the giveaway for the mini iPad and all of the other giveaways you participate in so that we ( your readers)!have an opportunity to win new exciting items that we couldn’t obtain without your giveaways. Good luck to all.

  29. I would really love to win this contest because I could really use this for school. I am without a personal computer, even though I take classes online (and let me tell you that isn’t easy haha).
    Also, I feel like an iPad mini would help me with my passion; filmmaking. I know there are lots of great filmmaking apps (like Slates, light monitors, call sheet apps etc.) on the Apple market that I’ve used on friends’ devices and they make all the difference!
    Thank you for this opportunity .

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