Spring Is In The Air – Do you feel different as the seasons change?

Here in Southern Ontario the temperatures have begun to rise…a bit. Last year at this time we were outside in shorts and T-shirts with the beginnings of green grass showing.

Right now there is still a foot of snow on our front lawn, but hey just two weeks ago I snapped this photo of my daughter in a parking lot that had just been plowed so it’s all relative right?

spring snowbankAs a somewhat typical Ontarian I’m eager for the warmer months so to me a foot of snow melting on my front lawn brings up visions of beach time spent with my family.

Doesn’t take much does it?

Our family spends most of our summers in cottage country at a resort where we have a little trailer. It’s a wee slice of heaven for me, a place where I am able to rest and reflect while my children participate in daily programming founded in our Christian Faith.

This time of year has my darling offspring making plans for their summer, excitedly they natter away about what they’ll be doing at MBC this year. Canoeing, kayaking, rock climbing, hiking oh so many things for them to look forward to!

Spring Canoe

My husband is also getting into the spirit of summer planning, dreaming of the boat he wishes we could afford. Up until now he hasn’t had a boat licence and has had to rely upon his muscles rowing around the lake.

I have many memories of seeing them glide off into the distance for their adventures as I sit on the shore with a good book. One day perhaps we’ll have that powerful boat he dreams of.

Spring Muskoka ChairFor now I’ll try to keep my mind in this day, knowing that summer will come. As we look upon the dirty, slushy sidewalks and put away our hats and mits we’ll find a bit of joy.

Because Spring is in the air and it’s like things begin again…do you feel this way during Spring as the seasons change?

The sense of exictement, renewed energy seems to come upon me without any effort.

With Spring I feel like I’m experiencing a sense of hope all over again and can somehow find the happiness in each day a little easier than I can during Winter.

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2 Responses

  1. This winter has been particularly trying I think because we had such an early and incredibly warm spring last year. It’s depressing looking at all the snow still in my front yard. I was trying to arrange a visit with a friend the other day though for sometime this summer and imagine my shock when I realized it’s almost booked up already! How does this happen? :)

  2. I never realized HOW much so I am affected by the weather.. The grey dreary days of that end of winter really drain me emotionally and physically!

    I’ve taken a end of winter holiday the past few years and man, there is something to be said about that sort of break.. The sun and warmth just revitilize me!

    Even coming home to a blast of winter weather here, it was enough to remind me SOON enough the nice weather will be here!

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