Our Disney Vacation – Thankful We Have Travel Insurance!

The countdown is on my friends!! It’s only 4 days until we leave to spend our family Christmas at Walt Disney World.
Walt Disney Christmas
4 Days!!!

As you can imagine we are planning and preparing. Once again this is where our amazing CAA Magical Planner has saved us tons of effort, she’s prepared a detailed itinerary for us for every day of our trip. Believe me when I say this saves time; among other things she’s studied which parks will be the least crowded based upon historical numbers and has taken the burden off of us.

Last night at the dinner table the discussion turned to our trip, the kids wanted to know the low down on our plans. As we chatted about what we will see and do our 8 year old daughter, Sydney was becoming agitated.

Sydney isn’t one to share her emotions so we waited until she was ready to ask the question that was bothering her, pushing this child to open up just doesn’t ever work.

“What if we get sick when we’re there, like what if I break my leg? Will I have to live there forever?”

Oh the mind of a child, who could imagine that hers would go there right in the middle of discussing the most magical place on earth?

Her concern was real, she was genuinely worried that one of us would get sick and we’d have no way to get home. My heart broke for my little worrry-wart and I was glad I actually had a solution for her worry this time. So often in the past Sydney’s worries are ones that I can’t relieve, random life things that we all suffer through….but this once I had an answer that would set her at ease.

I told Sydney about the CAA Travel Insurance we have. I assured her that we are covered if any of us did need medical attention. After listening intently as I did my best to explain the details on an 8 year old’s level Syd simply nodded her head and asked if she could get a pirate makeover while we were at Magic Kingdom. Just like that her worry was gone.

That’s how CAA Travel Insurance works, it takes the worries off us while we’re vacationing. In the past I didn’t purchase this coverage but after hearing about people being stuck in their vacation cities with medical bills piling up the purchase price seemed worth it.

I really want to urge everyone to use travel insurance, the CAA coverage is a solid package at a reasonable price. They have choices for people who are travelling one time or for those folks who travel multiple times a year.

Wouldn’t it be horrible to be one of those people you hear about whose lives are forever changed because they got sick or had an accident while on holiday because they didn’t have travel insurance?

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  1. I’ve had a terrible experience with travel insurance. In Hawaii I wound up in the hospital but they couldnt do any tests (I have a thryoid issue) and if the thryoid issue showed on the tests, it wasn’t covered. I was pregnant at the time too and same issues there. If it was related to the pregnancy, I wasn’t covered. It was awful.

  2. I am so jealous, lol! Christmas at Disney, sounds wonderful! Isn’t it interesting the things little ones worry about? Luckily, it is usually something simple we can explain and put their fears to rest, but sometimes they really throw me for a loop!

  3. I will be the first to admit that prior to kids I never bought travel insurance but now after becoming a parent and seeing how easily they get sick, get injured we buy insurance every time we travel. Hope you and your family have a magical vacation Julie! Can’t wait to read your trip report

  4. I hope you and your family have a great time in Disney.
    Travel insurance is something you should always get when traveling outside of your province. Even one day shopping in the United States can be the best $20 you spent.
    Keep in mind that OHIP does not cover you when you leave your country and you want to find travel insurance that pays up front. A lot of work insurance requires you to pay up front first and then get reimbursed later.
    CAA travel insurance will pay up front.

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