#WWEMoms Twitter Party, Rolling Stones & Tribute to the Troops

December is a busy month for the WWE, between airing the Rolling Stones final show and the Tribute to the Troops  campaign we’re in for some fun!

On December 15th at 9pm the Rolling Stones will be performing their final show of the final show of the 50 & Counting tour.

Rolling Stones 50 & Counting
Photo Courtesy: RollingStones.com

If you’re anything like me you’re a HUGE Stones fan! I can’t imagine how exciting it would be to actually attend the show. My father attended the same boys prep school in England as Keith Richards and oh I’d love to do an interview with that man one day!

Alas I won’t be able to attend the show but WWE has the answer for everyone unable to get tickets.

WWE Is Providing Rolling Stones PPV Broadcast

WWE is distributing and marketing the PPV broadcast, titled “One More Shot”! Once again the WWE is stepping up to the plate, this should be no surprise really if you consider how successful they are at providing quality pay per view events.

This isn’t an average pay per view situation, this will be an interactive experience for those watching online. Fans will get will get HD video, DVR functionality, and even “instant replay,

The service will be available around the world, you can watch on iPads or iPhones, PCs, tablets, and smartphones of all sorts. It is available live or on demand for 30 days after the show.

WWE Tribute to the Troops

The WWE’s annual Tribute to the Troops is gearing up and WWE is calling out for you to show your support. Each year the WWE sends employees and wrestlers to Afganistan and Iraq to military camps, bases, and hospitals to interact with the soldiers.

While there the Stars put on a free event for the soldiers in an open field. The Tribute to he Troops is televised and features video of the troops and their families.

#WWEMoms Twitter Party Alert

Who: The @WWEmoms : @lisasamples@RachelFerrucci,


and @TheOnlineMom

What : Twitter Party with #WWEmoms hashtag

Where: Twitter

When: December 17th at 1pm ET

Why: Tribute to the Troops


I have been compensated by The Online Mom for this post – all opinions expressed here are my own

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