Thanksgiving, Booze, Interventions & My Upcoming eBook

I’ve been remiss here, I haven’t yet wished all of my American friends a Happy Thanksgiving. I apologize for that and hope you all survived the Turkey naps, the family drama and the bad behaviour which is sure to follow such a wonderful family holiday.

From the sounds of things it seems like most have survived although I suspect there may be a few interventions being planned if my Facebook status feed is anything to go by. Photo upon photo flashed down my news feed and my head began to shake…..the lovely posed family shots, the cute kiddo shots and then the dinner tables.

The Thanksgiving dinner tables littered with booze is what had my head shaking.

Thanksgiving-wineBeautifully prepared centrepiece, candle light gently flickering off of the elegant glass wear, Grandmother’s china making it’s annual appearance…..all presenting a scene worthy of celebration, what could have had me feeling like I’m watching a car crash waiting to happen?

If you took photos of your dinner table with your guests enjoying the meal, pull it out and have a look now. Ignore the following events of the evening, ignore the feeling the photo arises in you and just look at it for a minute with fresh eyes.

With the majority of photos I saw there were countless bottles of wine on the table. Far too many to simply compliment the meal.

Before anyone gets all riled up and has their knickers in a twist, hear me out.

Alcohol at an event isn’t a sin, I’m not saying people shouldn’t drink or serve alcoholic beverages. What I AM saying is that our society is somewhat oblivious of the effect alcohol has or we’ve decided to overlook it in order to have more fun.

When alcohol becomes the focus of an event, it spins the behaviours of guests and we all know where that can lead. How many times have you left a family event commenting to someone about your aunt’s ramblings, how you cannot believe what someone said…..or even that someone at the event has a problem with alcohol?

I’m sure that in my past my family members must have had such conversations about me and I’m seriously glad that has all changed for me. Because I’ve been there I don’t judge, I don’t look at the photos and shake my head thinking how disgusting it is. I think to myself it’s a shame that we are inclined to indulge so heavily, seeking the instant GOOD feeling that alcohol can provide.

The GOOD feeling from booze doesn’t last.

It doesn’t create those long-lasting fond family memories, it ends up skewing our intentions and although this doesn’t always happen the risk is heavy for hurt feelings and family drama disaster.

Next time you’re setting the stage for a celebration set some limits about the role alcohol will play at your event:

  • Accept the bottles of wine your guests bring but serve one bottle at a time which will compliment the meal.
  • Set up a Mocktail bar or have a variety of non-alcoholic drink choices.
  • Arrange interactive activities so people aren’t sitting sipping all night.
  • Serve appetizers and late night foods to break up the bevvies.
  • Arrange cabs for your guests to avoid drinking and driving.
  • If you have a guest attending who has a known issue with alcohol consider having a dry event.

There is nothing wrong with enjoying drinks with family and friends when it’s done responsibly and yes I do realize some folks consider serving a variety of alcoholic drink choices as being good manners. As a host it’s your responsibility to monitor people’s behaviours and ensure your guest are having a good time.

My Upcoming eBook Mocktails & More


Providing alternate drink choices and controlling the event will allow you to ensure everyone has that good time and can actually remember the event. Once again I’m here to help with that, I have my Mocktail recipes here and have spent a long time preparing my upcoming eBook, Mocktails & More which is launching in early December.

Mocktails & More is a compilation of my favourite, simple Mocktails for hosts to serve their guests. It will be out just in time for Christmas festivities and I know you’ll be able to find one or two drinks to serve your guests to make them feel special. Here’s a sneak preview at the cover and yes this is an unabashed promotion……get your wallets ready to buy it people!




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  1. I’m so excited about your e-book Julie! I’ve mentioned before that I’ve never drank alcohol, simply because I’ve never had the interest, so mocktail recipes really interest me because I’ve never really made on myself!! But have always wanted to :) Alcohol is definitely not at our Thanksgiving meals, but for many it is a way of celebration, as long as they don’t lose focus on what’s more important ;)

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