Halloween Costume Ideas from Walt Disney World

Halloween Costume IdeasWith Halloween fast approaching I’ve been scouring the internet for Halloween costume ideas.

There are so many options it quickly became confusing. Listen friends, as I approach 40 years old I’ve finally accepted the fact that I’m not a Mom who is creative and can work wonders with a sewing machine.I just don’t have the imagination nor the skills…..but I do have some skills which can help me figure out Halloween costume ideas that will WOW my girls.

One such skill is knowing where to shop! I saved myself hours simply by remembering my children’s love of all things Disney….ok so I happened upon this beautiful photo of Chelsea after a Bibbity Bobbity Boo makeover at Walt Disney World but I’m claiming the credit!

After visiting the online Disney Store I realized I still have time to surprise my girls, it was simple to find the location closet to me using the store locator.

Rapunzel Costume Collection

Chelsea would adore the Rapunzel Costume Collection. It’s all things girly which she loves and matches the doll she sleeps with at night.

She’ll let down her hair with the Rapunzel Costume Collection. Add the fun of light-up shoes, light-up wand, tiara and her famous long, long braid for a Tangled role to play all day!


Iron Man Deluxe Costume Disney


And while I’d love to buy Sydney something girly-girl there’s no way I could get her to wear it. She would much rather the Iron Man Deluxe Costume for Kids!

Become a real life Avenger dressed as Tony Stark’s superhero creation. With attention to detail even Stark would be proud of, this padded Iron Man Costume includes mask, gloves and boot covers, and has a metallic finish just like the real suit

Walt Disney World Cosmetology team has also released a video which is jammed with tips to help create  cute or scary Halloween looks this year, I’m happy to share this with you all!

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post, all opinions are my own with permission from Disney for use of materials.

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