When I Couldn’t be a Mom to My Daughters My Friend Could…#CelebrateMom

This post is part of YummyMummyClub.ca‘s support of the Dove® Celebrate Mom Contest. I received compensation as a thank you for my participation. This post reflects my personal opinion about the information provided by the sponsors. You can nominate inspiring moms here: www.CelebrateMom.ca.

While I was growing up in small town Ontario, the world was quite different than it is today. All the Moms united in our neighborhood and supported each other freely. It wasn’t uncommon to be reprimanded by another mother or fed dinner just because. The old saying “It takes a village to raise a child” seemed to be in full effect.

These days we Moms are often too busy to connect with our neighbors, merely passing each other on the street with a wave as we struggle to keep up with our lives. With many of us commuting to work, escorting our children to activities while trying to focus upon family time we often find that we don’t have time to give back to others.

A few years ago, I was rushing around juggling all the balls in the air when my life came to a screeching halt because of a car accident. Suddenly I was unable to function as I was used to, unable to even provide the basic care to my children. With my husband working evenings I had no idea how we could cope when my friend Krista Buchta stepped in.

I’ve had the pleasure of having Krista as my friend for 5 years now, she has always been someone I’ve held in high regard but these events have solidified my esteem for her. Krista was 7 months pregnant at the time and had a toddler to look after but each day after school she arrived and took care of the household duties for me.Kristakids

Krista jumped into the daily routine of our evenings, helping with homework, dinner preparation, bathing and loving my daughters when I couldn’t. Krista truly showed me her love for our family, she was working full-time as a teacher, had a husband and family of her own and for months she picked up my slack simply because she cares for us!

From my spot on the couch I could see her kissing boo-boos, making dinner, bathing my girls, helping with homework as I convalesced. Krista showed me what true generosity looks like, balancing her own life, her career and helping our family.

Watching Krista with my girls I was so proud that there was a woman in my daughters’ lives who was such a wonderful role model.

We aren’t the only people Krista shows this kind of love to, she is an elementary school teacher who truly seeks to connect with the kids. By putting her heart and soul into the children she works with I’ve seen Krista turn children who were on the edge around. Nothing is too small when it comes to the children, she gives up lunch hours and dedicates after school time for these budding youth….she is determined to show them that they matter and they WILL succeed.

When I couldn’t be a Mom to my daughters my dear friend Krista could and for this I’m forever thankful to have her in my life which is why I’ve nominated her as an inspiring role model in the Dove® Celebrate Mom Contest.

Do you have a friend who is an amazing Mom?

Visit www.CelebrateMom.ca by September 4th to nominate a mom who’s an inspiring role model to
women and girls in the Dove® Celebrate Mom Contest. Four inspiring women will win $2,500 for herself
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  1. oh that makes me all teary eyed, it must have been so hard for you to see someone else take care of your girls but at the same time so grateful! what an amazing friend!

  2. Oh my goodness, Julie! This post totally made me cry! How blessed you are to have her in your life. She sounds like a truly wonderful friend. What a blessing! xo

  3. Krista sure sounds special. How fortunate that she came into your life. I had goose bumps reading this. Whenever I meet a teacher or nurse I always think of the saying “Salt of the Earth”. Thanks for sharing Krista with us.

    Besos, Sarah
    Zookeeper at Journeys of The Zoo

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