Annabelle/Marcelle Launch Event – Who Doesn’t Love Makeup?

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Thanks to Julie I got the opportunity to attend the Annabelle/Marcelle Launch Event a few weeks ago. I admit that I’m not the biggest or most talented lady at makeup but when I was younger I had quite an interest in it, and recently have found a renewed love for it. I am still not a lipstick person, much preferring to play up my huge “ox-eyes” (as my husband calls them), but I know a lot of you (including Julie) love your lipsticks so don’t worry, I will be covering what I saw for you lipstick lovers too.


IMG 1225Annabelle Makeup Wall

Firstly, I’ll introduce you to the new, soon-to-be-seen-in-all-pharmacies Annabelle wall of makeup (duh duh duuuuuh – but in a good way). Let me just say that when I reached to the venue, this wall took my breath away. It was gorgeous and to me was the center of attention. Not only was it brightly lit and colorful, but it invited you to view all of the Annabelle line efficiently – both the fantastic older makeup and the spectacular new colors and types of makeup that Annabelle are about to introduce to you.

IMG 1262Eyeliners Galore!

Now I’ve already told you that I like to play with eye makeup – and with Annabelle, I’m a fan of their paint pots and their liquid liners. I love that they both have short brushes that make it extremely easy to apply – especially for beginners. I wish I knew about them when I first started using liquid liners – I probably would have saved my eyes (and myself) a lot of grief…and pain….but oh well, now I know better and I can educate you that if you are a first-timer for liquid liners, look for a stiffer brush that has a shorter handle for easier control. The Annabelle liquid liners definitely fit that description, and come in various colours (including new colours about to be released), so definitely consider them when picking up a new liner.

IMG 1255Annabelle Lipsticks & New Eyeshadow colours

The other thing I loved about the Annabelle line was their lipstick crayons (at least that’s what I call it). I remember when I was younger and used to invade my Mother’s makeup stash, I used to love the eye shadow crayons she had because it had a thick and a thin side allowing me to play with *cough ruin cough* different thicknesses and effects without changing what I was using constantly.

I still love this which is why I love these lipstick crayons – and yes, I’m not a lipstick person. The colours are pretty spectacular and, get this, they’re TWIST UP which completely allows you to put on lip goodness without that frustrating sharpener hunt!

What I did like was their BB stick – one side highlights and the other diminishes wrinkles! That’s right ladies! I was pretty impressed with it when demonstrated – you just have to apply a little touch, rub it in to smooth a bit like concealer (I guess that’s what it is) and your fine wrinkles disappear in the non-greasy fantastical glow that is the Annabelle BB stick. And yes, BB as in BB the latest fad on the makeup market.

Just in case you don’t know what the BB creams do, they moisturize while primping the skin with nutrients and tinting slightly – so you can use them easily as a primer or a tinted moisturizer while trusting that your skin is being nourished appropriately.

IMG 1223Quad Eyeshadows by Marcelle

The last thing I want to chat about is actually a Marcelle product – although both Annabelle and Marcelle have some fantastic colours coming out in eye shadows, I have to say my favourite from the day was the Marcelle Four in One eye shadow compacts. They come in two variations – either with four complimentary shades or (my favourite) four of the same shade in different finishes.

The idea is that it simplifies the smoky eye and gives you more foolproof choices. I don’t know about you but I tend to stick to a few different shades and the rest of my colours remain untouched – again because I don’t play as much as I used to – so the four of the same colour with different finishes is perfect for me. I do love the four different colours though because I love a smoky eye (who doesn’t?!).

IMG 1224Storage underneath the colour!

What I also loved about this product was the way their applicators were stored – UNDERNEATH the colour, so no mess during storage, no applicators dropping on the floor and getting lost – they’re all stored away safely, neatly and hygienically underneath the colour so that you can find the applicator when needed. AND the applicators are shaped to help you get the perfect eye makeup on the first try!

So keep a lookout for the fantastic new Annabelle wall in a pharmacy near you and be sure to check out the products I mentioned above and more! Trust me a true makeup maven can spend hours playing with that wall! Oh, and I have to give kudos out to Annabelle and Marcelle for choosing such a spectacular location and for using their products so creatively to be their centerpieces! I loved it and would love to go to the next one!

IMG 1249We should all be so lucky as to wake up to see these on our dining tables.

Hope this was helpful for you guys – please feel free to ask about any of their other new products that are coming out (BB creams, new formulations of their well-known face lotions etc., new colours from Annabelle AND Marcelle). I will do my best to answer your questions!

Cheers and happy primping!





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  1. I am looking forward to seeing the new displays in store – they look lovely! What a fun event to attend.

  2. I don’t know anything about make-up but appreciate the information. I do LOVE all the beautiful colours and pretty packages. I think that my daughter is going to be a high-heel, purse carrying, make-up wearing little diva. Don’t know where she got it from (okay, maybe the Diva part)…

    Besos, Sarah
    Zookeeper at Journeys of The Zoo

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