17 Best Alcoholism Blogs of 2012

17 Best Alcoholism Blogs of 2012

17 Best Alcoholism Blogs of 2012

Did you see this pretty photo over there on the left sidebar of my blog?

I’m so proud of Sober Julie Doing Life right now, being awarded this badge on July 18th has reinforced that I’m on the right path to draw awareness to alcoholism and living a sober life.


Here are the wonderful words the writer, Tracy Rosecrans at Healthline.com had to say:

Sober Julie is a treat for anyone working hard to live life “straight up.” No bones about it, this funky blogger takes the tired, unappetizing reputation about sobriety and turns it into a day at the circus. Jam-packed with ideas for mocktail recipes, tips for sobriety, and tons of ideas for leading a better (more creative, more enjoyable) life.

Stop by for giveaways, contests, news, and advice for staying sober and getting the most out of life freed from alcohol addiction. Sober Julie knows what’s up, and her readers are loving it. Stay cool, Julie, stay cool.

Hells to the yeah I’ll stay cool as long as someone is reading I will be here in my happy sober place writing. Note what a wise woman Tracy must be, she did refer to me as funky after all.

This is the very first award I’ve received and one I wasn’t expecting. I am honored to be included with so many other fabulous websites and to have found some new blogs to read in this group.


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