2012 ShesConnected Conference ~ Proud To Be An Ambassador! #SCCTO

ShesConnected2012Last September I had the opportunity to attend the ShesConnected Conference in Toronto. This was my first foray into the world of blog conferences and I took away some pretty powerful information and realizations!

The realization that I didn’t fit into a niche and that I was fine with it was probably one of the largest a-ha moments. Attending the conference, the seminars, the break-out sessions and meeting all of the brands and attendees has benefited me in various ways.

I’ve streamlined my brand, I’ve begun offering review and giveaways (hey why not share fabulous products with my readers when I can!) and I’ve become even more public about my alcoholism and sobriety by speaking and writing openly.

Before attending ShesConnected I didn’t work with brands, with the contacts I made there I’ve been able to nurture these relationship and offer fantastic giveaways for my readers. The relationships I made with other bloggers since meeting at the conference have been a gift. I’ve established real friendships, partnerships and I feel blessed by these wonderful people being in my life. If I hadn’t gone to the conference these connections may not have been formed.

By spreading my wings and attending ShesConnected I took a chance, it was nerve wracking at times but has allowed me to grown my blog tremendously which in turn allows me to get my message across to more people. No matter what I thought I knew or didn’t know the experience has proven to me that conferences are a valuable experience for relationships, learning and skill building.

This year the ShesConnected Conference is being held in Toronto on October 19-20 and I’m chuffed to announce that I’ve been selected to be an ambassador for the conference!

One of my favorite benefits of being an ambassador is having my personal Bobble-Head….yes I’m easy to please.


Join me at the 3rd and best ShesConnected Conference yet!

ShesConnected listened the feedback and have combined the best of all the blogging conferences to bring you the ultimate program for learning, networking, and building your blogging brand. Whether you’re interested in writing incredible content, turning your blog into a business, or growing your business, ShesConnected will meet your needs.

What you’ll find at ShesConnected 2012

  • 2 days of amazing sessions spanning all kinds of topics, plus endless networking opportunities
  • Inspiring and informative keynotes and ten in-depth breakout sessions
  • Hands-on workshops that will take your blogging and social media skills to the next level

As a ShesConnected attendee, you will be able to choose the stream that’s right for you.

Go a niche, skill or interest? We’ve got you covered.

Ten concurrent Content streams will focus on Five Pillars:

  • Lifestyle: Fashion, Beauty, Shopping, Design
  • Health & Wellness: Fitness, Healthy Living, Social Good, Green Bloggers
  • Business: Mompreneurs, Small Business Women, Financial Services, Social Media for Business, Technology & Apps
  • Family: Youth & Parenting, Multi-cultural, Retirement
  • Arts & Leisure: Food, Travel, Pop Culture, Books

I’d love to see everyone at the conference, if you’d like to attend ShesConnected, you can register and get your ticket now…..and be sure to let me know if you are going so I can say HI!

 I attended ShesConnected Conference #SCCTO in 2011 and I’m pleased to share my thoughts on last years conference.  As part of the Blogger Outreach program with ShesConnected, I received compensation.  The opinions on this blog are my own

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14 Responses

  1. WTG Julie! That’s fantastic! I think it’s incredible all you’ve accomplished. I often spend my days now wondering just what on earth I’m blogging about. I blog everything and sometimes feel it doesn’t matter really maybe b/c I have no niche. I don’t know. I have never been to a conference, maybe one day I can go and meet you in person. You are a true inspiration. :)

  2. The bobble-heads are all kinds of awesome, lol!

    SCCTO definitely helped me in rethinking and rebranding my blog. I went from ten different topics that made my blog one hot mess, down to three things that I’m most passionate about. :)

    This year’s conference will be a blast! :D

  3. Sounds cool! Do you have to be a past attendee to be an ambassador? I’d love to go, but there’s no way we can afford tickets to Toronto right now. Maybe some year down the road… when my blog is making the big bucks. LOL!!!! :)

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