Game of Life Zapped Edition Review

We are a family who loves to play board games, it’s not easy to find one which is suitable for all ages in our family and manage to keep the attention of our electronic minded girls.

Recently we found a game that we all LOVE!

Hasbro has released the Game of Life Zapped Edition combines board game with electronic technology by combining the iPad with a game board!


The game is played in the same manner as the original but now you download the free app on your iPad, place it on the center of the board and use the virtual spinner on the iPad instead of the plastic spinner of older times. Each player uses the iPad to customize their peg person to begin the game, you still use a plastic car and pink or blue peg people to move around the board.

The iPad provides instructions which make understanding the game very simple and straightforward, all to often we spend ages to learn the rules of a game, but not with this one.

Through out the board there are “app” spaces where you get to experience life moments with over 125 videos from America’s Funniest Videos.

Game-of-LifeOur girls simply loved watch their journey unfold with America’s Funniest Videos at each stage of life, they found them hilarious.

I will admit it did take a very long time for the girls to choose their characters, apparently appearance is VERY important to them! Of course Chelsea’s favorite life moment was when she was able to plan her wedding, she was given 3 theme choices from an underwater wedding to a chapel.

Game-of-Life2There are also bonus mini-games as the game goes on, you can win these to earn more cash. At different stages of the game I noticed good learning moments, such as when you have the choice to go to college or get a job the game clearly indicates you end up being paid more if you choose to attend college but you will have loans to repay. This may seem a bit advanced for our young girls but we’re at the stage where they’re learning the value of a dollar so it was beneficial.

Recommended for ages 8 and up, and for 2-4 players, the Game of Life zAPPed is compatible with both iPad and iPad2, and retails for $29.99 Cdn.

Our family loves the Game of Life Zapped edition, we bring it with us to friend houses who have agreed it’s the game of choice this year and if my recommendation isn’t enough……Brooke Burke-Charvet, co-host of ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars” was even recently spotted picking up The Game of Life zAPPed, Hasbro’s new techy twist on the classic game, for her kids at an L.A.-area Toys”R”Us.


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