Facebook Introduced me to Johnathan and Charlotte

bgtEvery now and again I click on a link from Facebook that moves me, but not usually as much as this video has. This is a clip from Britain’s Got Talent which aired 4 days ago and has had almost 3 million views. This 7 minute clip grabbed me right away, it’s a 17-year-old duo called simply “Jonathan and Charlotte”.

As they take to the stage this unassuming couple look like a mismatched pair, she’s very well put together while Jonathan is less so. The cameras pan the audience and I could almost feel their boredom, their expressions looked as if to say “Ugh well this is going to suck!”.

Simon actually leans to the judge beside him and says: “Just when it couldn’t get any worse.”

This young duo had my heart as the pre-audition taped rolled, Johnathan tells how he’s struggled with his size his entire life, how each time someone “Took the mik” out of him it stole a piece of his self-confidence. He credits Charlotte for helping him rebuild his self-confidence.

“I’m quite protective of Jonathan,” Charlotte explains, “If I was there and someone said something to him I couldn’t sit there with my mouth shut.” She goes on to add, “Before you make a judgement on someone you really need to get to know them. It’s not as cliché as judging a book by its cover you’ve got to read what’s inside.”

As they take to the stage Charlotte did the talking, Simon finally asked Johnathan “Are you shy?”. Johnathan simply responded “Uh…sometimes.”

It’s obvious that the judges and audience had low expectations for this duo, as the music began I sat on the edge of my seat….come on folks you don’t get 3 mil views on YouTube for nothing!

Go watch this video and let me know what you think, don’t you just love the beginning when Johnathan falters and seeks out Charlotte’s eyes for support….

These 2 youngsters are lovely and they display the love and support we should all share.


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  1. What a fabulous story, thanks for sharing. I love that he knows how much he owes her in terms of confidence.And that they made Simon eat his smug smile!

  2. I watched it the other day and admit that I had the same thought about it being terrible right off the bat. Not because of the guy’s size, just because they seemed a little off. The other problem is that they show you so much crap in a row that you just expect everything to be crap. I was pleasantly surprised when I heard what came out of them. Can’t wait for their next one!

  3. Julie!

    Thank you so much for sharing! The performance brought tears to my eyes and I called the kids in to come watch! It was breathtaking! And now we’re watching Quest for Camelot LOL.


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