Santa won’t get all the credit this year!

Here it is December 2nd and I have sitting back having a brew, feeling quite confident that I have the majority of Christmas shopping completed. We planned well this year…ok Hubby did the finances and I was the idea woman…that is the hard part by the way! I digress…

This evening of course my 2 darling daughters decided to rock my All-Prepared-for-Christmas feeling by writing yet another list for Santa. Why is it that every year I fall for this? I should know by now that there are new commercials on TV, new toys being promoted to the kids and the trends change much more quickly than my Christmas-list-making-pen can keep up with.

Tonight their squeals of delight when they talked with each other about their new choices echoed irritatingly through my head. All that thought and effort that I had put into finding their first choices at a good price went down the drain. My heart was sinking and I had some nasty, not blogworthy thoughts. You parents out there know what thoughts I’m talking about…the ones where you would like to ignore their wishes and say “Forget it, they already made their bloody lists!”

Alright, I had the thought but the reality is that the things they LOVE now aren’t expensive and I still have some money in the budget so I’m shopping again and I shall be victorious! I will be “The Best Mom Ever” on Christmas day when Sydney opens her new figit friends and Chelsea her new Barbie puppy swim school.

Tonight I raise my coffee cup to Moms and Dads everywhere as Christmas approaches and we pull out the big guns and scrawl “Mom & Dad” on these very special last minute gifts….

Santa won’t be getting all the credit in this house!


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13 Responses

  1. Barbie has a puppy swim school? And I’m just hearing about this now?
    I really need to watch more t.v. with my kids.
    Thanks for the heads-up!

  2. My kids are 7 and 9 and still believe in Santa, and frankly, I’m getting kind of tired of it. I know I shouldn’t wish their life away but I think I’m ready for the charade to be over. I think. Oh hell, I don’t know. I’ll probably change my mind by next week. :::sigh:::

  3. Aww, that is awesome! Most of my shopping is done but the kids haven’t made their lists yet (well one kid can’t as he can’t write or talk yet). But if oldest DS springs something on us, I may have to be creative like you! And we always give a gift from “Santa” and one from “Mom and Dad.”

  4. LOL! At 32 years of age, my mother STILL does not let up on something I did over two decades ago…

    Apparently one christmas eve (when I was like… 5??), just as I was heading to bed and mom was getting ready to wrap up gifts, a commercial for the Care Bears flashed up on the TV and I ran to it and said gleefully that I asked Santa to bring me one of these!

    Somehow my parents weren’t aware of this request until that point, and they quietly freaked over not having THE TOY that I wanted under the tree.

    So four months later (when there were finally Care Bears on the shelves or something, lol.) my parents had this wicked plan and wrapped Funshine Bear in xmas paper then threw it out into the backyard.

    Since there was a ton of snow, and I usually played out in the front yard, they were able to trick me into thinking that Santa DID bring the gift, but it must have fallen out of his bag when he stopped by, and it has been sitting in our backyard ever since.

    I was so gullible, OMG!

    1. Aeryn Lynne – I love that story! I think it was so creative of your parents.

      With my kids there are presents from Santa as well as from mom and dad. Of course the nice ones that they really want (like their LeapPad this year) are from mom and dad!

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