McDonald’s, #EqualCanada and Mini Date Night #CBias

This weekend our children were away at their Grammie’s house….YIPPEE!!!

I’m fairly certain both the girls’ and our cries of joy could be heard around the globe. This free time gave Hubby and I a chance to do some Christmas shopping, host my Blogiversary TweetUp(which I’ll blog about this week) and go on the hunt for Equal Zero Calorie Sweetener at McDonalds.

If you’ve spent any time browsing around this space you’ll have noticed that I’ve been on the hunt for Equal Sweetener at various locations, such as in my piece titled Date Night – Are you creative? #EqualCanada and #CBias. It’s no surprise then that I jumped at the opportunity presented to me by Collective Bias to head out to a McDonalds restaurant and see if they offer Equal.

Why do people choose Equal?

  • Equal has been a trusted brand of sweetener for 30 years
  • Equal offers two different varieties of their popular sweetener in Canada:
  • Equal Classic (blue package) contains aspartame and is the original Equal Sweetner
  • Equal Sucralose (yellow package) contains sucralose, commonly used when replacing real sugar in baked
  • Equal can be used in many food and drink recipes to replace real sugar

You can find more information on their website or by visiting the Equal Canada Facebook page or contact them on Twitter @EqualCanada.

So with the challenge in hand, I convinced Hubby to take me out to McDonalds in the rain.



This is a FAB McDonalds, they have thought of everything! It’s very clean, has a Playplace for the little ones….

McDonalds playplace

 And between the big screen TV’s, free unlimited WiFi and cozy club chairs by the fire….well I am considering blogging here in the near future.


McDonalds has a new look these days, they’ve introduced the McCafe!

From McDonalds Canada website: “Introducing McCafé® at McDonald’s®. With freshly ground espresso made from 100% Arabica Beans in every cup and real  freshly steamed milk, you’ll be glad you made the time to take some time. Bring Back the Break with McCafé®.”

The decor certainly isn’t the McDonalds of my youth, welcomed the improvements include what appears to be a coffee bar.


They have covered all the bases here, I had so many choices of flavors, skim or 2% milk…fat free….it’s impressive.

McDonalds signage

I’d love to tell you all that I had a light salad and chose the lighter latte but I’d be lying…

McDonalds MealWhat can I say, I love Big Macs.

With all of the changes McDonalds has incorporated; healthy food choices, McCafe beveragesand a warm environment I was surprised to find that they had only one choice of sweetener. For those of us who actually use sweeteners choice is important, each brand tastes differently. When I asked about this at the counter, the polite young man serving us asked the Manager who told us that this is the only option they had available at this time.

When I got home I went onto the McDonalds website and filled in the Customer Survey. My answers were all quite high because Hubby and I enjoyed the experience overall but I did note that I felt they should carry more than one choice of sweeteners.


In the end we enjoyed our Mini Date together, finding time alone together is always a gift!

Hopefully through challenges such as these and social media, restaurants will realize that we deserve more choice in sweeteners.

**This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias #CBias.
As always, all opinions on this blog are my own.**

There are a few ways of connecting online with both McDonald’s Canada and #EqualCanada.  You will find them both on Twitter at @McD_Canada & @EqualCanada.  You can also LIKE McDonald’s Canada & Equal Canada on Facebook.

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