Tattoo Talk Series – Is the studio safe?

Let’s talk tattoos!

Wether or not you agree with people having them or not, tattoos are popular. They are part of our culture in North America and are here to stay. The most common keywords which bring people to this blog are “Serenity Prayer Tattoo.” This brings them to my I Don’t Want to be the Girl Who Fills the Silence post where I posted my serenity prayer tattoo.

Serenity Prayer Tattoo

For those who didn’t know I have tattoos, I think they are a fantastic expression if they are done well. I’m not entirely a tat snob, but seriously people you won’t ever convince me that you thought long and hard about that 3 inch Canadian flag with the beaver playing hockey in front of it. Too many people get all jazzed about getting a tat and they end up with a poorly executed mess, potential health issues and buyers regret.

What you need to know before you get a tattoo:

Getting a tattoo hurts

You will be stuck multiple times with a needle, it can feel like getting a bunch of shots or being stung by a hornet over and over. People will tell you it doesn’t hurt or it was discomfort, not pain. It all depends on your pain threshold, how good the person wielding the tattoo machine is, and where exactly on your body you’re getting the tattoo.

Research the tattoo artist and parlor!

I cannot stress this enough, make sure the tattoo studio is clean and safe, and that all equipment used is disposable (in the case of needles, gloves, etc.) and sterilized (everything else). Check to see if there is legislation for tattoo parlors in your city/province/state and assuming there is, ask to see the shop’s certification. Any professional studio worthy of your choice will be proud to show you their safety measures and certifications.

So you’ve checked that they have certification, next ask to see their autoclave (a machine primarily used in the medical field for sterilizing medical instruments) if it’s dusty perhaps you want to rethink this studio.  

Assuming you’ve chosen the studio where you’ll be getting your art, next let’s consider the artists. Are they wearing gloves? Ask about their training, how long they’ve been tattooing….personally I wouldn’t want to be client #1. Do they have their vaccines for Hep B?

Most studios these days are up to speed on the health and safety concerns and again, they’re happy to share this information with you.

That’s it for today, over the next few weeks I will be looking at choosing your tattoo, how the process works and aftercare.

During this series I will be getting a tattoo, possibly with a Vlog and sharing my experience with you.

So tell me, do you have any tattoos?

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6 Responses

  1. Sadly, I have no tats. I think I’m too hairy for all that. I blame my Mom’s Italian/Serbian bloodline. “Thanks alot, Mom”!
    But I love tattoos on guys. In fact, if you search my blog, you’ll one pop up every now and then.
    I’ll take your advice if I ever shave myself completely.
    Your Friend, m.

  2. Found you from Taming Insanity. . .

    I got my first tattoo on a whim during my honeymoon. My husband wanted one, so I thought – why not?! And I love it! It’s a celtic knot heart (that sorta looks like a pretzel!) the artist drew, so even if someone else has it now. . . well, I had it first. Then I got my second after my first kid was born and I’m waiting ’til I’m done BF’ing the second kid to get my next one. They all have special meaning to me – and that’s beyond ‘How I want to remember Spring Break Mexico 2007’ meaning.

    I love tattoos. I’m a little jealous of people who get them all over their arms and up to their necks. Jealous in the same way as I am to people who have eyebrow or nose rings. I’m jealous they had the nerve to do it, but I couldn’t ever do it myself. Can’t wait to read more of your tattoo series!

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