Ascent From Darkness – Book Review

Recently I joined the BookSneeze book review bloggers program, available through Thomas Nelson Publishers. The team at BookSneeze list available books for review, I chose a book and agreed to provide a review here on my blog. I am not required to provide a positive review but man o man this book I chose rocked my world!

Ascent from Darkness – How Satan’s Soldier Became God’s Warrior

 By Michael Leehan, Published by Thomas Nelson

Ascent From Darkness

When I selected this book I was aware that it was autobiographical and I had hoped that the author would draw me into his journey. Within the first few pages Michael Leehan writes that he is not a trained author, that he is writing simply to share his story. Hmmm this could go 2 ways I thought to myself, either he’s going to flop by going too “Hollywood” or he’s going to write as though he’s speaking directly to me with an authenticity which I won’t be able to elude.

The latter was true.

From beginning to end, Michael Leehan had my attention, his life was very different from mine and yet I felt a familiarity with it. It’s not just that I have felt the darkness of the spiritual world in my life but that he manages to convey his internal struggle so well.

In Ascent From Darkness, Michael writes in detail about Satanic practices and rituals without glorifying them. Prior to this book I had no experience with such things, or had I? Michael reveals that we are either with God or against Him, that the enemy will take every opportunity to sway us and we may never realize it’s happening. I was pulled to consider the Ouija board moments of my youth, reading Tarot cards for friends in my 20’s….those moments certainly weren’t for God and I did relate to the feelings of “Power” that Michael describes. I began to see the spiritual battle which had been taking place in my life more clearly.

Michael turned to Satan when he felt that God had abandoned him, he offers his life on a platter between the covers and challenges us as people to review our own. Bible scripture is offered throughout the book to support his stance of giving the glory of his rescue to God and those people whom God put upon his path during the journey.

Please run and get this book, open your mind and you will be amazed at the power of God’s love and his people here who didn’t give up on Michael.

Truly I wish I had copies for all of my friends, for now the one I do have is already making its way around my circle of friends. In case Michael reads this, thank you for sharing your testimony!

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  1. Thank you for your review. I do not respond or even look at many reviews as I stay very busy and leave all the reviews/sales/etc up to God. My daily walk and ministry is all that is important to me……I appreciate your review and telling others about my story. I hope many will purchase and in some small way it will let them reflect on their walk with the Lord and see what God wants of them,…….

    God Bless you,

    michael leehan

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