Wordfull Wednesday – Stalking Deer

Today is Wednesday which means photos!!
So I had planned on sharing some photos from our family vacation, specifically of the deer. We went to Muskoka, Ontario which is considered “cottage country” around these parts. There are always stories of people seeing Moose, foxes, deer, raccoons but our family has never actually gotten close to the deer. Approximately a month ago I wrote a post about us stopping on the side of the road just to snap a pic of deer, it’s here Wordfull Wednesday.
We had never actually gotten close, until last week.
We stayed in a trailer and behind it was a forested area, I saw 2 beautiful deer there one day and ran to snap pics but was too late. The next day I was sitting out there reading a book when they came back, needless to say it was a quiet moment, which I’ll hold in my heart forever.
They stayed around for about 20 minutes and I followed them, snapping photos on my iPhone all the way. These deer must have been laughing at me, I walk like a bear in the woods and can’t take uneven paths so I was doing my best to scoot (lumber clumsily) around the trailer next door, to follow.
Between my balance issues and the bugs I was muttering and making a ton of noise but they didn’t mind at all. They carried along their way and I followed along, very happy when they left the forest.
Of course that experience was all I could talk about, my sister (spends summers at the retreat with her family) laughed at me and said they’re everywhere at MBC. Adding insult to injury when I phoned Hubby (came only on weekends because he had to work) he laughed and explained how tame they are and told me to get apples and fruit to feed them.
Refusing to be deflated, the next day after Hubby arrived, when I spied them I grabbed the apples and strawberries and headed out back. One of the two deer was brave enough to come to where I tossed pieces of apples. She was so lovely!
Hubby was utterly amused by my adoration, I threw the apple pieces closer and closer but was not about to feed the deer by hand! Seriously folks I watched the UTube vids of people being kicked by deer and I kinda like my face as it is.
Once I was out of apples, I offered strawberries, she smelled them, ate one and looked at me as if to say “where’s the apples?”
New experiences like this, where time is slow enough for me to fully grasp them are a rare gift for me.

In her eyes I saw things differently again, the world and the things which really matter to me became crystal clear. God has provided so many gifts for me, all I have to do is be quiet enough to experience them.
I took over a hundred photos of these deer over the week and will probably edit and frame one for my wall as a reminder to slow things down.
I’m considering making a costume for my next deer stalking engagement, something sassy with lots of pockets for apples.

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8 Responses

  1. a deer taught you to slow things down and enjoy the simple things in life…love it. Vacations sure are a necessity to recharge, huh?

  2. Beautiful photos and you did that with an iphone??! How come my iphone pics don't look like that? lol God uses anything and everything to teach his kids huh. Glad you were listening.

  3. Love how God uses the small moments to teach us big things. I totally get your excitement, I would have been just like you. Beautiful pics, and I am also impressed with the Iphone!!

  4. The iPhone took 2 of the photos, the ones which come up small and then I enhanced the color a bit in Corel. The others were my proper camera ;) Sorry didn't mean to mislead you all lol.

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