Serenity Prayer helps me

WOW Blogger is actually back online!!!
You have no idea how often I’ve been saying the Serenity Prayer these last few days!
God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change (damned Blogger)
Courage to change the things I can (not checking the site every 3 seconds becoming increasingly agitated each time)
and the Wisdom to know the difference. (give the Blogger people the Wisdom to get this back online.)
I am about to go to a Speaker Meeting at AA, and I’m the speaker!!
I’ll probably post a proper post later tonight but in the meantime I saw this and think it’s hilarious.

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7 Responses

  1. The meeting was excellent, God was using me for sure. The words I spoke weren't preplanned and it was hilarious. People were really laughing, not just polite snickering. I didn't intend to be funny but there ya go.I cannot believe the pic, isn't it baffling! If I were a part of the royal family I would hope that someone would be researching all of the fairytales to make sure I didn't look like an evil step sister. But they they did choose to wear those fascinators, perhaps the press they would get was worth it.

  2. Pics are so scary!! Especially Drizella and Anastasia (I think those were their names) … yikes!Glad the meeting went well; often God humbles us with our own limitations before (or right after) He uses us mightily. Sometimes during. Thanks for being honest and open… so refreshing!

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