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Hello to everyone from a rainy day here in Ontario. We are hoping for a sunny day at some point in the next few weeks, I’m getting really bored of the Noah’s Ark jokes after having 11 out of 14 days be rainy.
So lately I’ve made a habit of posting photos and have failed wonderfully at “Wordless Wednesdays” so on the advice of another blogger I have adopted the term “Wordfull Wednesday”. But today I didn’t think I had anything to be wordfull about….what is a blogger to do when she is lost for a topic?
Why hit other blogs and websites and read until inspiration arrives of course.
Yesterday on Yahoo there was an article on Canadian pop star Justin Bieber met with Japanese children whose lives have been devastated by an earthquake, tsunami and an ongoing nuclear crisis that has forced thousands of families from their homes.
justinbieber japan1
Two days before on the 15th Yahoo Canada’s top article was titled “Grumpy Bieber Draws Tiny Hong Kong Welcome. How fickle are we? The article explained that only 7 fans arrived to greet Bieber upon his arrival in Japan and asked could he be grumpy because of this?
From today’s article Justin Bieber tells Japanese kids: things get better “In Japan for several concerts, the 17-year-old singer spoke briefly with nearly a dozen kids, including some from Otsuchi, a northeastern town massively damaged by the March 11 tsunami.
Bieber has already contributed to a charity album “Songs For Japan” with artists such as Lady Gaga and Bob Dylan, which has raised over $5 million for the victims of the disasters that have left nearly 25,000 people dead or missing.”
Is it really necessary to write articles which are slanted such as this?
No the writer doesn’t actually state this is the reason, in fact he does refer to a statement from a fan saying that Justin was ill but really we all appreciate the negative spin he has provided.
I’ve never been a Bieber fan, well that was up until Friday when we rented his newly released movie Never Say Never. My girls have thought he was “da man” for quite some time and I have actively controlled their idolism of him by limiting the UTube video watching and CD playing. I personally don’t think it’s cute when a little girl becomes disproportionately obsessed with a star.
I have to say it, I now Love the Biebs!!
God has brought him to the world for a reason….this movie has brought such exposure to the trials of a single Mom and her faith. Her love for her son and how she maintains balance within his life during his rise to stardom.
I won’t give a full biography on Justin here but you can see it on Wikipedia, I’ll just outline the basics as I know them. Justin was born in 1994 and was raised in Stratford, Ontario, Canada….yup a fellow Canuk! His mother is Patricia Mallette who was a mere 19 years old when she gave birth. Patricia worked a series of low-paying office jobs, raised him alone in low-income housing. She worked hard at keeping Justin involved in sports and church and openly appreciates the unconditional support and love from her parents.
Apparently the Biebs was talented from a young age and his Mom and her friends from the church band encouraged his musical talents. Mallette posted a video of the performance on YouTube for their family and friends to see. She continued to upload videos of Justin singing covers of various R&B songs, and his popularity on the site grew.
The rest is history which we can easily find on the Internet.
The movie is fantastic and it left me with many things to think about. Encouraging my children is an easy one, but how about the struggle she must have faced raising this child? How easy it would be to focus upon the negative challenges rather than the beauty of each day with him?
. This mother is a true inspiration, staying true to her religions and moral values in the face of many offers which would benefit her directly. Word on the street in June/10 was that  Patricia turned down an offer from Playboy for $50K to post, citing her religious…..how fantastic is that? I’m just floored at the idea of having a bod worthy of Playboy asking!
At one point in the movie Patricia says “I want him to find his identity and worth not by what he can do but by who he is”.
I love this and it’s what I will continue to try and teach my girls.
Rock on Biebs!!

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  1. Since I have 2 boys, Bieber is not a big name in our house. But I do have to say his movie looks kind of interesting and I want to see it. We are having a book fair at school and yesterday some of the little girls found the Bieber posters and I couldn't believe the screaming! It was so funny. I've never experienced the Bieber fever.

  2. OK, this is another spooky moment for us my friend! My daughter Gracie has had Bieber Fever for months, and this past Saturday night we watched "Never Say Never" and I now have the fever too! I loved his mom, his grandparents, Justin etc…the fact that he's open about his christianity and is just a sweet kid! Too funny, and I'm wishing you sunshine soon, as spring has finally come to Wisconsin…..

  3. Awesome that you can share this with your little ladies. I never thought much of the guy but I might have to give him a chance. Seein' as how he loves his mama so much:) Sending you sunny smiles:)

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