The Clueless Binge Drinking Brigade

Binge Drinking, let’s discuss shall we?

What is Binge Drinking?

Wikipedia Definition: Binge drinking is the modern epithet for drinking alcoholic beverages with the primary intention of becoming intoxicated by heavy consumption of alcohol over a short period of time.
In our 20’s there’s a group of us ladies out there who found it acceptable to partake in this event on average 2 times a week, let’s call them The Clueless Binge Drinking Brigade.
It was common for this select group of society to pre-plan the festivities.
Pre-planning began with the invitation list, basically a shout out to anyone and everyone in the address book to see who was available, where we would go for the pre-party, where the party would be, what mode of transportation we’d use and where the after party would be.
Then was the booze buying:
What’s on sale?
Can each member of TCBDB successfully get a buzz without puking up said Sale item?
Number of people who can?
Split the price of Sale item and purchase.
At this point these Clueless ladies would gather at the pre-party destination with large bags.
Inside these bags ‘o life were the tools to transform sweet things into their Party Girl selves.
Makeup application, hair styling, clothing donned, the use of too much fragrance and hair products are applied.
At this point I must note it is common for there to be serious effort performed during this stage….one of the more important decisions must be made!
Flats or heels?
To those of you not familiar with a night out with TCBDB the choice of footwear often coincides with the amount of money the Party Girls have available, the mode of transportation and the distance between the evening’s locations.Seriously folks staggering home in heels because you don’t have cab fare and couldn’t catch a ride sucks.

Choices made the evening really begins.
The nature of the beast here is to GO HARD or GO HOME.
To normal folks what this translates to is doing as many shots of horrible tasting Sale Alcohol as possible without allowing it to touch her palate in a short period of time to achieve the biggest buzz possible.
A buzz achieved this group of lively, LOUD, overly friendly debs head out to a choice establishment.
Dancing, laughter and as much drinking as they can afford ensues.
Many men will be flirted with, either because the TCBDB in question is digging him, feels awesome dancing with him, hates his girlfriend or her money is getting low and she’s hoping he’ll buy her a drink.

The Personalities of Binge Drinking Girls

Generally speaking depending on the size of the group you can almost bet one of the group will show her inability to hold her booze, we will call her Can’t-Handle-It-Girl. This could show in one or all of the following ways: falling down and not getting up, passing out at the table, dropping drinks, puking in the bathroom…there are more but you get the drift.
Can’t-Handle-It-Girl is usually sent home in a cab with her best friend after her friends try unsuccessfully tto hide her in a corner or a booth from the doorman.
There also could be Promiscuous-Girl, that girl who is just plain on the prowl. There is more than one type of PG but generally she’s obvious, and exits the building on the arm of her prey with a sly knowing nod to her best friend at some point.
I-Am-With-The-Band-Girl is self explanatory really, often getting on the stage to gyrate in what she thinks is a sexy manner, also often falling of the stage, loudly informing the bouncer directing her away from the stage of who she is, literally saying “Do you know who I am??”
Fun-Loud-Girl is a riot, especially to those who aren’t part of the group. She’s the one who manages to yells at a volume above the noise of the band playing, dances like a mad woman, often experiencing a wardrobe malfunction akin to the Janet Jackson incident, having a wicked good time. She’s usually pacing herself, drinking water between cocktails. She’s fun.
Suddenly-Angry-Drunk-Girl is frightening, common characteristics include a sudden glaze over of the eyes, change in tone of voice, glares being shot at others in the surrounding vicinity. Warning: DO NOT TELL Suddenly-Angry-Drunk-Girl that she is drunk and out of line. Seriously. If you see the knuckles on the hand holding her drink begin to whiten or the swing action begin…
I was all of these girls. It was fun for a while but during this time I allowed the lines of my morality and decision making to be greyed. It worsened over time in different ways. What had once not been normal or acceptable was.
Was it my genetic makeup which allowed my recreational use of alcohol became addiction over time?
Probably didn’t help.

Why Did I Enjoy Binge Drinking?

Why did I do it?
I suppose I was always chasing happiness and alcohol provided it in an instantaneous manner, albeit artificial.
I’m glad that God didn’t give up on me, that my 12 Step Program and the people in it were there when I finally got humble.I don’t chase happiness anymore, I found it.

Authentic truly fulfilling happiness came with tears, discomfort, humiliation, apologies, determination, prayers, cries for help and much more.

But it’s SO worth it.

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17 Responses

  1. Yep, count me in. Had all my girls, have lots of pictures to prove it as well. Oh, and in those pictures a huge smile plastered on my face, drink in one hand, and ciggy in the other. Wait till my kids see those, nice role model mom! So glad God had plans for us, plans that didn't include alcohol and drunkeness….

  2. What a great reminder of all the girls I once was. It's funny how I forgot all about those 'social' nights out because in the end I was just "The drink alone on the couch" girl/Mum. Thanks for this post!

  3. Welll, this made me cry. I am just having one of those days anyway, but this really did it. The comments, the post, all of it…thinking of my lost girl. I love this line the most….I'm glad that God didn't give up on me, that AA and the people in it were there when I finally got humble.I pray everyday for that.

  4. OMG, lmfao. You forgot Vomit-of-the-Mouth Girl, often referred to as Asks-Inappropriate-Questions-'Cuz-She's-Way-Too-Nosy Girl.Mostly I was THAT girl.

  5. My wife can relate to some of those girls. Not now of course, but 30 some years ago in her swinging days. The great thing though is that both of you recognize it, and have it behind you.

  6. I'm a lot older than you gals, and we didn't go out with a gang of girls. There were 2 of us and sometimes 3. We always had to have the best wine. Even though we couldn't afford it, we bought it anyway. We would have a drink or two before dinner. Always ate dinner with lots of wine. Then after dinner back to the bar where there was always a band. And choosing from your group, I guess I was "I-Am-With-The-Band" girl. Actually a lot of the time, I was "With the Band"..I did work a lot, as a singer, never did drink while performing, but when the gig was over for the night, we would go out.

  7. This is so funny… yet so true! I am glad to be past that time in my life…. even if I revisit it from time to time (Fun-Loud-Girl). Great post!

  8. Julie, this is an excellent post. I love that you started with the 20s- I could relate to so much of what you wrote about those nights. Now I think of my own kids as they get older, how their nights will be. And the ending. *Sigh* the ending.Those are wise lessons learned and you're strong for putting them out there. I'm glad that *you* didn't give up on you!

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