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“Julie’s book “Mocktails & More is a pioneer concept for the sober community. As a woman in recovery I can’t express adequately how much this will help me get through what can be a tough season for those of us who are sober. The recipes are SO yummy, the layout is clear and the recipes are easy-to-follow (and the pictures are GORGEOUS). If you’re entertaining with people who do drink, any of these could be made into a cocktail, too. Thank you, Julie. I’m looking forward to the holidays so much more than usual!”

Ellie Schoenberger – One Crafty Mother

Mocktails & More is the ultimate survival handbook for the hectic Holiday Season!

Mocktails & More

Julie Elsdon-Height, also know as Sober Julie on social media, is a humorous woman who shoots straight from the hip, sharing about her life of sobriety and looking to experience all of the joys life has to offer.

With Mocktails & More, Julie shares her favorite 24 Mocktail recipes each displayed with professional photography and tidbits of inspiration delivered in her humorous style.

And if this wasn’t enough, Julie has once again decided to step out of the box and invited Molson Coors Canada to come on board providing tips for making Responsible Choices over the Holidays. Molson Coors Canada’s brewmasters have reviewed Julie’s recipes and modified a select few to present Cocktail alternatives.

Mocktails & More is wonderfully thought-out, well written and will inspire you as you entertain over the Holidays.

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