The Sober Road Isn’t Smooth

Generally speaking when things are going well I fall apart. Perhaps it’s because the times when my life is on an uphill is after a time of challenges. This past month has been a difficult one, between my health, dealing with legal matters from my car accident, broken down cars and financial concerns… was a […]

Life Without Alcohol – My New Website

Happy FRIDAY!!! It’s been a tough week, after the long weekend I found I have been exhausted and not feeling up-to-snuff so I’ve been pretty quite. Quiet doesn’t always mean I’m slacking though, my brain has been at work. Here at Sober Julie Doing Life I share my journey with the World and try not […]

Almost forgot I Still Have Alcholism

With the long weekend behind me I’m reflecting on how my life has changed so drastically since I faced my alcoholism. It’s amazing to think how many long-weekends of days gone by I spent hammered and what I thought was happy. Typically in the past when a long weekend approached my husband and I were […]