Life & Recovery Coaching

Life Coaching

As a Professional Life Coach, Julie provides support for clients who are seeking change in their lives.

Julie specializes in working with executives, entrepreneurs and young adults who have not realized their full potential.

The role of a Life Coach is not to provide answers for clients, but to empower them to see their skills, talents and worth together to build a clear plan to move forward. Working together, the client and the coach look at the challenges, set goals, develop a strategy and the coach becomes the accountability partner for the client.

With Julie as their Life Coach, clients will explore where they are today, where they want to be and develop a plan of action to achieve! Julie doesn’t provide answers; she works with clients to empower them to bring their own wisdom to the surface.

Working with Julie, clients will look at the blocks in their current situation. By using tools, clients will be able to:

  • Identify and change limiting beliefs
  • Identify and change guiding principles that are not yours
  • Identify and put an end to futile pursuits
  • Manage expectations
  • Reconnect with your true self
  • Identify personal strengths, skills, and weaknesses, core values and guiding principles
  • Set personal goals
  • Gain the tools to move forward
  • People facing life change
  • People seeking life balance
  • People facing challenges of Entrepreneurship or Self-Employment
  • People feeling “stuck”
  • People undergoing career changes or marital dissolutions
  • People recovering from medical/health challenges
  • People looking to move forward

Julie offers online or in person Individual Life Coaching. The most popular package runs for 3 months with weekly meetings online or in-person. Some clients require more frequent meetings which can be arranged.

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Recovery Coaching

Invaluable support for people seeking to overcome compulsive, addictive and damaging behaviours that are interfering with their lives.

Whether you are a person who identifies as having an addiction or someone whose behaviours fall in the “grey area” of use, a Recovery Coach can provide you with the clarity and strength you may not find on your own.

Recovery Coaching is NOT like working with a 12-Step sponsor, therapist or counsellor. A professional Recovery Coach works for YOU. By building a relationship with you, your coach will provide encouragement, guidance and support.

Julie does not promote or endorse any single or particular way of achieving or maintaining sobriety, abstinence, or serenity or of reducing suffering. Her focus is on coaching her clients to create and sustain great and meaningful lives. Through the process of recovery coaching, clients begin to gain insight, improve their performance, and enhance their quality of life.

  • People questioning if they have a problem with a behaviour or substance
  • People exiting detox or a rehabilitation facility
  • People in recovery who desire support in moving forward
  • People who have relapsed
  • Adolescents who are at-risk

Julie offers online or in person Recovery Coaching. The most popular package runs for 3 months with weekly meetings online or in-person. Some clients require more frequent meetings which can be arranged.

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Sober Companion

When facing a change in life we are stronger when we are together!

Your sober companion will support you in order to establish your new way of life. Each client will have an individualized plan which will be developed with your coach in person.

  • Assist the client and or family to prepare the client’s living space
  • Support the client to rejoin society and activities
  • Build client’s personal confidence when experiencing life and staying clean
  • Help client to identify and strategize through roadblocks and triggers
  • Identify appropriate supporting medical personnel with in the client’s city
  • 12-Step Meeting attendance
  • Ensure client has healthy nutrition, sleep and exercise
  • Accompany client throughout their day to ensure a alcohol and drug-free environment
  • Assist client to develop daily practices to prevent relapse
  • Travel with the client as necessary
  • Attending events

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