Failure to Launch

Today’s teens and young adults face many challenges and many are experiencing a Failure to Launch.

If you have a young adult in your life facing these struggles, odds are you are frustrated, afraid and they are feeling trapped in their situation.

Many who are struggling to progress are found spending too much time in their rooms, not attending school or work, avoiding progressive conversations and life in general. We often see them using weed to numb or losing themselves in video games or social media.

These teens or young adults are experiencing a development failure and the longer they stay on the couch, the harder it is for them to move forward.

Julie works from the standpoint that these people are experiencing a true avoidance. By setting small goals and shedding light on their own talents and potential, these young adults will build self-esteem and progression will begin. By establishing an alliance with clients, Julie approaches the sessions methodically with humour and humanity.

  • Speak the problems aloud . We talk through the facts, admitting their contribution to their Failure to Launch
  • Explore the emotions and coping techniques
  • Explore the impact of the use of digital devices
  • Get to work! Julie and the client identify immediate, achievable goals with the client and set a framework to be progressing
  • Ongoing support, meeting weekly and being available via email
  • Daily mantras provided
  • Communicate with the family to ensure the appropriate supports

Julie offers online or in person Failure to Launch Coaching. The most popular package runs for 3 months with weekly meetings online or in-person. Some clients require more frequent meetings which can be arranged.

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